Revealed an attempt to capture TV channels in front of the «Straight line» with Putin

Revealed an attempt to capture TV channels in front of the «Straight line» with Putin

Before the last «Straight line» with the head of state Vladimir Putin were powerful cyber attacks. Attempts to attack the two largest TV channels of the country are noted today — unknown tried to establish control over them. And just before the «Straight line» with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Earlier, The New York Times reported that the US has long been conducting DDoS attacks on Russia, but us President might not be aware of this. Donald Trump called this publication «state treason».

[stextbox id=’info’]Attempts of DDoS attacks were not only a few days before the «Direct line» with the President, but also during the event last year.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=’alert’]»A few days before the last «Direct line», both the direct line and the two largest TV channels were subjected to a powerful DDoS attack, the sources of which are abroad, — said the Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov. — Here, I can state this fact. There are many such manifestations.»[/stextbox]

It is noteworthy that for the first time information about this begins to seep into the States.

«This is new in this story,» Peskov added.
Revealed an attempt to capture TV channels in front of the "Straight line" with Putin
American intelligence agencies have stepped up attacks on Russia — NYT
This time, too, was no exception in terms of attacks. So, on the eve of June 17, a source of RIA Novosti in the leadership of one of the Russian law enforcement agencies said that Russia recorded attempts by our intelligence agencies to carry out cyber attacks.

«In General, foreign intelligence services in recent years with increasing activity trying to infiltrate the management system of the Russian infrastructure, — said the source. – We are also talking about transport, banking, and energy.»Earlier, we will remind, the newspaper The New York Times reported that the American intelligence services strengthened cyber attacks on the Russian power systems.

The journalists claimed that for the past 3 months heard about the conducting of cyber attacks from various officials. And from those who work today, and from those who held the posts earlier. Journalists don’t give names.

«Energy networks under the gun from each other»
But the readers ‘ attention was focused on the fact that for a long time the States – both Russia and the United States — «keep each other’s energy networks at gunpoint.» And probing them for vulnerabilities. As an example, journalists argue that in 2012, the States, they say, placed in the Russian energy network probing programs.

According to the newspaper, it is now the American side that has moved into a decisive offensive. So, journalists reported that the United States placed in «truly malicious code.»

Earlier, notes The New York Times, publicly about the attacks were not announced. At the same time, it is no secret that some high-ranking American officials are sure that cyber attacks against Russia are necessary. Moreover, it would have been necessary to «increase their intensity» long ago.

As the publication quotes its interlocutors, it is «a logical response to the warnings of the special services about possible attacks of Russia.»

However, not everyone is as categorical. Some in an interview said that such actions can only make things worse by giving a new round of «cold war».

«State treason, enemies of the people, lies»: Trump denies the possibility of cyber attacks
Journalists write that at all this the American leader could be in General and not aware of what is happening, as it could «not notify».

Donald Trump, after reading the article, sharply criticized it on his Twitter. So, he called the information stated in the newspaper lie, actions of the newspaper – state treason, and journalists – enemies of the people.
Revealed an attempt to capture TV channels in front of the "Straight line" with Putin
«Just think, the curving New York Times just wrote that the US is significantly increasing the intensity of cyber attacks on Russia,» Trump writes. — This is actually the treason on the part of a once-great newspaper, who is chasing a sensation — even if it hurts our country. Corrupt media now publish anything. They do and say what they want, and even for a second do not think about the consequences. These are real cowards and, without a doubt, enemies of the people!»

Naryshkin explained why attackers can hurt themselves on «perfect pitch»
Director of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia Sergey Naryshkin, commenting on the situation, said that today the West as a whole considers cyberspace as a place for the battlefield. Instead of building a constructive and adequate dialogue, Western politicians are building an arena of «struggle».

Naryshkin emphasizes that Russia and China in the eyes of the West are competitors. And many of the Western partners believe that cyberspace is a kind of ideal field to wage wars.

«Hacker attacks «humanely» destroy the infrastructure of the countries,» Naryshkin explained.

Nevertheless, he warned the «daredevils» about the possible destructive consequences of cyber attacks. The attackers, he said, could be the first to suffer from their attacks themselves.

«The consequences of the conduct of hostilities in this new, not yet regulated by the international community sphere can be unforeseen and extremely destructive, including for the attackers themselves,» TASS Naryshkina quotes.

In March of this year, we recall that the Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov reported on cyber attacks. According to him, several million cyber attacks were committed against Russia.

«They were made from American territory,» Antonov told reporters during a speech at the Stimson Center. «No one knows about it, but it’s real.»

Revealed an attempt to capture TV channels in front of the "Straight line" with Putin

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