Rehearsal of the coup in Venezuela: the US is preparing Maduro for a shameful escape

Rehearsal of the coup in Venezuela: the US is preparing Maduro for a shameful escape

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced the failure of the coup attempt.

He congratulated the military leadership of the country, which led «the defeat of a small group that tried to fill Venezuela with violence», and ordered to investigate the attempt.

«This will not go unpunished. I talked to the Prosecutor General, and he appointed three national prosecutors who interrogate all involved in this event, and they are instructed to investigate and make criminal charges,» he said.

The President said that during the coup five soldiers were wounded, two of them in serious condition.

Recall, in Venezuela on Tuesday, April 30, there were clashes with the opposition forces of law and order. The occasion was the appeal of the self-proclaimed «President» Juan, Guide to the coup. It is reported that the demonstrators rioted in the center of Chacao, the police to disperse them using tear gas and rubber bullets.

As informs the Agency Associated Press with reference to the head of the hospital in Chacao, 30 people injured, 16 were injured and three suffered from smoke inhalation, one person was wounded. It all started after Guido in the «Twitter» announced the launch of the final phase of the operation «Freedom», aimed at the overthrow of Nicolas Maduro. He said that now he meets with «the main units of our armed forces» and assured that «the end of the usurpation is irreversible.»

The call of Guido the riots was openly supported in Washington. Us presidential adviser on national security John Bolton urged the Venezuelan army to move to the side of the opposition, stressing that the US expects to change power in the country «as soon as possible».

However, the Venezuelan military refused to change the oath. The head of the defense Ministry Vladimir Padrino Lopez said that the army will protect order and peaceful life and is ready to use weapons if necessary.

«Those who will come to Miraflores (presidential Palace. — ed.) for the sake of violence, will be defeated by violence. If it is necessary to use weapons, we will use it,» he stressed.

The Minister of communications and information Jorge Rodriguez said that the authorities are taking measures against a group of traitors.

«We inform the people of Venezuela that in these moments we confront a small group of soldiers, the traitors, which is located at the junction Distribuidor Altamira and promote the carrying out of a coup against the Constitution and peace in the Republic,» he said.

Meanwhile, the US announced Maduro’s attempt to flee the country.

In an interview with CNN, Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said that the Venezuelan President planned to go to Cuba, but the Russian authorities managed to persuade him not to do so.

«He already had a plane on the runway,» Pompeo said, adding that the US will increase the pressure on both Maduro himself and those who support him.

«I’m not sure he’s worried about that. I hope and pray that really worried,» — said the Secretary of state.

Venezuelan foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza told Pompeo that all his statements were an attempt to hide the failure of the coup.

«False news… a Very sad way to admit that the coup you supported failed… once Again,» he stressed.

— In Venezuela, an active political life, taking place not only and not so much in social networks or on TV, but on the streets of Caracas, — said the Executive Director of the international monitoring organization CIS-EMO Stanislav Byshok.

— In recent years, the opposition has changed several leaders who seemed to be a serious threat to the power of Chavez, and then Maduro. To maintain its credibility as the only leader that unites the protesters, Juan, Guido needs to regularly Express themselves, while increasing the degree of confrontation with Maduro. Also, do not forget that the vast majority of States of America, including the USA, had recognized Guido the legitimate President of Venezuela. He feels their support and acts very sharply. The President — or the impostor, according to Maduro — with such credit of international trust is allowed a lot.

«SP»: — Why have they failed?

— This is not a separate episode, but a real series, and with several seasons. The total number of seasons is not initially indicated, but the current — in contrast to the «Game of Thrones» — is unlikely to be the last. Today, the balance of power is obviously leaning in favor of Nicolas Maduro and his supporters. Something might change tomorrow. In the medium term, while maintaining the current dynamics, the chavist «socialism of the XXI century» does not seem viable.

«SP»: — the United States initially made a bid to bribe the army. Did the strategy fail?

— Venezuela, and Cuba, are not represented in Washington any serious threat militarily or ideologically. The confrontation of the cold war era, when the United States seriously feared the growth of the Soviet Union and its allies inspired by Pro-Communist sentiments, is gone. In this regard, us strategy to change the regime in Venezuela may work for another year or ten years — there is no need to hurry in this matter. The ripe Apple itself will fall sooner or later. Of course, the disgruntled Maduro Venezuelans want this to happen sooner, but then, from the point of view of Washington, they need to protest more actively.

«SP»: — the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela Jorge Arias pointed to the fact that the appeals of Washington to support the uprising unconditionally give «authorship» of the United States in the organization of the coup. Is he right? It was the initiative of the United States or improvisation, Guido?

— The Venezuelan situation is reminiscent of the well-known parable about Nasreddin, where all are right: and Guido, who was appointed interim President Maduro, the opposition, the Parliament, and faithful Ministers of Maduro accusing the U.S. of supporting the coup, and Russia, officially opposes any intervention of external military-political players in the internal Affairs of Venezuela. Right, among others, and Venezuelans who want to live at least «as under Chavez.» Another question is that neither in Washington, nor in Caracas, nor somewhere else there is a magic wand that could organize all this.

«SP»: — Can we say that the government Maduro yesterday got off easy? Will there be any more attempts?

— The stability of Maduro’s power mainly depends on his agreement with the security forces, which generally control the Venezuelan street. Attempts Guido and presumably outside forces to bribe top security officials and generals to ensure that the immunity is, as we see, have not been successful. I would venture to suggest that this is not only and not so much with deep patriotism and continued loyalty to the oath of the security forces, but with the fact that they have every reason not to trust their counterparts. After all, the protests in Venezuela are not against a particular Maduro, but against the existing «system» in the country, which, of course, includes security forces of different levels.

The point in the confrontation is not delivered, will be continued.

— The fact that the pause in the operation to overthrow the regime Maduro was somewhat delayed, and the United States decided to encourage «patriots», instead of the active actions leading to the Maduro just a verbal argument, — the Professor of the Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov, doctor of political Sciences Andrey Manolo.

— In principle, for the overthrow of Maduro Washington, no Guido gift is not necessary: they could at any moment to land in Caracas, Maduro to arrest and take him to the United States or on Guantanamo — just as they arrested and kidnapped General Noriega. If the US wanted to punish Maduro, everything would have been decided in half a minute. But the plans of Washington, apparently, is not only to punish Maduro but also to make this flogging public and exemplary, so that Maduro, when trying to escape from the country with another Golden loaf under his arm would tear the «risen people». And then arrange a Tribunal for all remaining supporters of the regime. Then not only the regime will collapse, but the idea of Bolivarian socialism will be discredited for a long time (in the event that Maduro will punish the most disadvantaged segments of society, which were previously the main support of the activists). That’s when it, from the point of view of trump and Bolton, will look «beautiful», «OK». In this regard, the statement of Guido about the transition of «Operation Freedom» in the final stage and the call of Bolton to the army of Venezuela to act against the legitimate authority dictated to hasten expectant military elite, to push them to action.

Obviously, Juan Guido made his statement on the orders from Washington. That is why Bolton immediately supported him. Possible and the abstract statements of Guido gave people from the U.S. Embassy directly in front of the radio.

«SP»: — Why they didn’t work out yesterday? Why is the Maduro regime holding?

Why not? Because it was just a call, not a signal for a General armed rebellion. The United States through Guido and Bolton hinted Venezuelan military that it is time to define who they are. That is why the bulk of the army was set in motion —they think.

At the same time, part of the military is still out on the street and even participated in the shootings, which suggests that they probably all came up to the front. But not to arrest Maduro, but to scare him.

«SP»: — the United States initially made a bid to bribe the army. Did the strategy fail?

— No. Looks like part of the U.S. army was bribed. Now they have a task — to force generals to fulfill the received money.

«SP»: — us Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro planned to leave the country on Tuesday morning, but the Russian authorities managed to persuade him not to do so. Could it be?

— Can. But maybe not. I would not trust the words of Pompeo, as I doubt his competence.

«SP»: — Will there be any more attempts? Or will Maduro’s enemies change tactics?

— It wasn’t an attempt, it was just a rehearsal. Some kind of test, signal, sign. The main events are still ahead. The, that the threat was real, says the fact, that Maduro under the pretext of struggle with the organizers’ insurgency hurried «clean up» (arrest) all military from its environment, which he suspected in loss of personal devotion. The US will not change tactics: while everything goes according to their scenario, only very slowly.

Dana Tessen

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