Reddit sent to quarantine 750 thousand supporters of Donald Trump

Reddit sent to quarantine 750 thousand supporters of Donald Trump

Social news site Reddit has imposed restrictions on the visit of one of the largest forums in which to communicate to the supporters of U.S. President Donald trump— The_Donald. The reason was the violation of the rules of the social network users of the forum, which, as explained by Reddit, repeatedly published calls for violence against police and officials.

By imposing restrictions on access, or so-called quarantine, administrators of social news resource Reddit warned members of the_donald subforum that recently repeatedly noted a violation of the rules of use of the social network. In particular, according to them, at the forum, there were calls to take up arms and oppose the police and officials in Oregon.

The_Donald is one of the largest Subforums in Reddit, which has more than 750 thousand subscribers. It was created on the eve of our presidential election in 2016 and calls itself «an endless rally of supporters of the 45th President of the United States Donald trump.»

Breaking the rules the admins of Reddit saw in the comments of the participants of the forums about the situation in the Senate of the state of Oregon. Last week, 11 senators of the state from the Republican party fled to not participate in the vote on the Democrats promoted the bill on climate change. Their absence at the meeting would not allow for a quorum, and a bill stipulating a system of restrictions and trade quotas for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, guaranteed would not be adopted.

Reddit sent to quarantine 750 thousand supporters of Donald Trump

The absence of the Republicans lasted for several days, despite the fact that for each day of absence from work they are charged a fine of $500.

Trying to resolve the crisis, the Governor of Oregon, a Democrat and an active supporter of the bill Kate brown, said that he would send in search of fugitives-senators police and force them to return and vote.
It was after her statement in The_Donald and there were comments that led to the introduction of quarantine. Individual comments published resource Media Matters, among them, for example, such: «This situation will be resolved only if the people will take up arms», «corrupt Kate ordered the police to «hunt them down» and make them return to vote», «rifles — the only way to ensure at least some peace in our lives», «either the war and we get rid of these guys, or all my life will listen to this shit; start to prepare».

By the end of the century, the effects of climate change will cost the US $500 billion a year
According to the rules of Reddit, the quarantine does not mean the closure of the forums or a ban on the placement or reading of messages of the participants. Now when you try to log on The_Donald users will see a warning: «do You want to log on to the forums? Subforum quarantined». In addition, publications throughout the quarantine will not appear in search results and recommendations.

The measures of the social network provoked a flurry of curses against Reddit from trump fans and in General, caused a wide resonance on the Internet and the media.
Director of research in technology and social change at Harvard University Joan Donovan endorses the actions of Reddit. According to her, this is «the minimum that the company could do to protect users from such groups.» «Ignoring the possibility that online threats will turn into real calls for violence is negligence,» she told the Guardian. A researcher at the New York independent research Institute Data & Society, a specialist in political subcultures Becca Lewis, for his part, notes: «The_Donald over the years has created a strong community, which quarantine does not hurt… But I think that if The_Donald Was not affiliated with the current President of the United States, it is likely to be banned. Such platforms are always extremely slow in taking measures that can be regarded as political, even in cases where violations of rules and order are obvious.»

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