Reality or fiction ?Scientists create invisible objects

Reality or fiction ?Scientists create invisible objects

Whether it’s «Harry Potter» or «Star Trek» — in many books and movies, people or objects have properties to become invisible. Of course, here we deal exclusively with fiction or fairy tales. But for many years, and scientists are conducting various experiments and research in this direction, however, so far as to achieve a decisive breakthrough they still failed. But soon the situation may well change. This is due to the fact that the physicist josé Ananya of the INRs Institute in Canada has developed a method by which it becomes possible to make invisible to the human eye at least one-dimensional objects. So far, the research is in the very initial stage, but the scientist is sure: «Our work will be a breakthrough in the search for the invisible cap.» He has already written about his first achievements and successes in the industry magazine Optica. Special filters «close» certain frequencies of light
All light consists of waves that create different colors. This becomes clearly visible when the light beam, for example, passes through a prism. Simply put, we see a blue object if it reflects the light waves of the blue range. And now researchers have managed to create special filters with which you can filter out certain light frequencies. With their help from the same blue object «blue frequency» will no longer be reflected – and for the human eye, it will become invisible. However, until now it works only from a certain angle. As soon as the observer moves a little, the invisibility disappears. But the researchers are purposefully working to increase the angle of view and the wider effect of the method.
The most likely application is military
One of the possibilities of the practical application of the developed method is quite clear: the military and intelligence services in all countries of the world are extremely interested in how to learn to make people and objects invisible. In this direction, the development of aircraft and stealth ships, high-tech camouflage clothing and so on has long been underway. The authors of this scientific development also talk about the possibility of its military use. But they say the following: while the technology can actually be used outside the walls of the laboratory, it will take many years. So far, we are talking about achieving certain results that will confirm the prospects of further research in this direction. The next step is to achieve the invisibility of two-and three-dimensional fixed objects. And this alone will be a huge achievement.

Dana Tessen

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