Putin’s cousin was suspected of laundering $230 billion

Putin’s cousin was suspected of laundering $230 billion

The cousin of the President of Russia Igor Putin participated in the largest money laundering operation in the history in the amount of $230 billion through the Estonian branch of Danske Bank. It is reported by CBS.

The publication talked to the whistleblower, it was Howard Wilkinson, who worked in Danske Bank middle Manager. According to Wilkinson, a day through the Bank held questionable transactions in the amount of up to $20 million When the Manager found them, he prepared a report to four senior executives of the Bank. However, there was no reaction, and then Wilkinson quit and went back to Britain.

A few years later, the story surfaced again, after it drew the attention of the European press. After reviewing more than 6,000 accounts of non-residents, the Bank admitted that its Estonian branch was involved in the largest money laundering operation. At least 18 former Danske Bank employees have been charged in this case, including former CEO Thomas Borgen and his CFO. The Bank itself faces four charges of violating the Danish anti-money laundering act.

Putin's cousin was suspected of laundering $230 billion
Recall, the Center for corruption and organized crime research (OCCRP) conducted its own investigation. It turned out that in 2013 the employees of Danske Bank drew attention to the company Lantana Trade LLP, registered in the UK. Its Central office was in Moscow and owners of the means of the offshore company in Seychelles and the Marshall Islands.

During the investigation it became clear that Lantana has submitted false information to companies house the UK, reporting an inactive status and almost complete lack of financial turnover. At the same time, the company opened an account in the Estonian branch of Danske Bank for 11 months, and it made daily transactions for millions of euros.

It was also found that Lantana was associated with the Russian «Promsberbank», which included a cousin of the President of Russia Igor Putin. The Board also included a banker with ties to the FSB Alexander Grigoriev and Alexei Kulikov. Kulikov was arrested in 2016 on charges of major fraud. Promsberbank ceased its operations in 2016.

About Grigoriev knew that he created a scheme of money laundering, called «global Laundry

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