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Putin showed Tu-214 and upgraded Tu-160 and Tu-22


Vladimir Putin at the airport of the Gorbunov plant in Kazan inspected aircraft samples, including the upgraded Tu-160, Tu-22, Tu-95MS.The attention of the President was also attracted by the helicopter equipment produced in Tatarstan. The head of state boarded the latest Mi-38T capable of carrying up to 40 paratroopers, inspected and familiarized himself with the characteristics of the Ansat helicopter modifications.
In a separate hangar, the President was presented with the Tu-214.
As noted in the information materials for the trip, over the years of its existence, the plant has produced more than 22 thousand units of aircraft. Among them are the world-famous aircraft PE-2, PE-8, Tu-16, Tu-104B, Tu-23MZ, Tu-160, Il-62M.In the mid-1990s, the Kazan aircraft plant together with Tupolev design Bureau began the development and production of the Tu-214 passenger airliner.
Putin visited the plant in January 2018 and watched the first flight of the new Tu-160 strategic bomber. A contract for their production was signed, and active work is underway today.
Now there is a large-scale modernization of the entire production complex of the plant, including the reconstruction of the airfield base.
A new command and control center, hangars and closed Parking lots, as well as a special garage, was put into operation.

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