Putin said he did not want to assess the correctness of Trump’s actions

Putin said he did not want to assess the correctness of Trump’s actions

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that his American counterpart Donald trump himself makes decisions, but cannot fully implement them because of the organization of power in the United States. «Yes, it does, of course, but we see today that the system is so arranged that many things that he would like to do, it is not possible (to perform.— «Kommersant»)»,— said the head of state in an interview with Irada Zeynalova for the transfer of «Results of the week» on NTV. However, according to him, » much depends on the political will.»

Vladimir Putin added that Russia is ready to develop relations with the United States if there is also an initiative from the American side. «They need a dialogue — please, we are ready, do not need — well, wait until they ripen,» the President added.

Recall, on June 20, Donald Trump said he intends to meet with the President of Russia at the G20 summit in Japan, which will be held in Osaka on July 28-29. Vladimir Putin noted that Moscow is ready for dialogue, but the organization of a possible meeting may be complicated against the background of us President’s election campaign.

The last time the leaders spoke in December 2018 at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, a brief dialogue took place between them. Prior to this, in July 2018, the first full-scale summit of the presidents of Russia and the United States was held in Helsinki.

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