Putin gave the naval reshuffle

Putin gave the naval reshuffle

On the eve of May 9, Vladimir Putin made changes in the leadership of the Navy. The President appointed Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, who previously commanded the Northern fleet, as commander-in-chief of the Navy. Putin’s decree defense Minister Sergei Shoigu read at a conference call with subordinates.

The President also appointed commanders of the black sea and Northern fleets. They were Vice Admiral Igor Osipov and Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseev, respectively.

According to Shoigu, the former Navy commander Vladimir Korolev did a lot in this post. «Under his leadership, the Navy successfully fought international terrorism. The Navy received the latest submarines «Borey» and «Ash». In addition, rational approaches to the implementation of the shipbuilding program until 2050 have been developed,» the Minister said.

Now, according to Shoigu, the former commander-in-chief is waiting for the civil service — Vladimir Korolev will continue to serve the fleet in the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC). «Vladimir Ivanovich will contribute to the implementation of the state defense order and special programs in the interests of the Navy,» Shoigu said. And here a few questions arise. Yes, Shoigu sweetens the pot — said kind words about the former commander-in-chief. But it doesn’t change the point. The resignation came out loud, taking into account the date of publication of the presidential decree. Yet the victory Day military, including sailors, honor especially. And to dismiss the Queen exactly on the eve of May 9 there was no need. If, of course, the Kremlin did not want to Express its displeasure in this way — and the state of Affairs in the Navy, and the composition of the naval leadership.

The clouds began to thicken in the summer of 2018. It was then that Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the state defense order for the construction and repair of ships for the Russian Navy in 2018 could be disrupted.

«There are prerequisites for the disruption of delivery dates and the delivery program of 2018,» Borisov said during the conference call on the placement and implementation of the state defense order. He noted that most of the contracts have already been signed, and the money for the implementation of the Ministry of defense has been allocated.

«Since 2014, we have been dealing with systematic disruptions of the terms of delivery of ships and vessels for the Navy from a number of shipbuilding enterprises almost every year,» Borisov said at the time.

Note that many of the known failures of the state defense order for the Navy during this period fall just on the USC, which is now sent to «promote the implementation of the state defense order» ex-commander of Queens.

Thus, in 2015, the Amur shipyard, which is part of the USC, did not supply the Navy with a repaired diesel-electric submarine Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In the repair of the plant submarine project, 877 was more than 10 years. She returned to the combat system only in January 2017.

A similar situation developed with the Corvette «Perfect», which became part of the Pacific fleet a year later than the planned date — in July 2017. In 2016, the media reported that included in the State armament program SAP-2020 nuclear submarines of project «Borei» and «Yasen», agreed to supply up to 2020, will be in operation for several years later until the end of 2021 and 2023 years. In addition, the commissioning of the icebreaker «Arctic» was postponed in 2017.

All this is true, but personally, Kovalev was not responsible for the activities of the USC. Why the flying head leadership of the Navy?

— Rearrangements under may 9 were made quite often, and were connected with an increase in positions, — the President of Academy of geopolitical problems, the doctor of Military Sciences, the captain of 1 rank Konstantin Sivkov notes. — Korolev not «flew» — this is not quite the right wording. Still, in military service, the Admiral stayed for 46 years. On the other hand, the United Shipbuilding Corporation is now headed by people who, for the most part, had nothing to do with shipbuilding or the Navy.

To remedy the situation in the USC, we needed a man who was not covered with dirt, not associated with lobbyists in the Corporation itself, interested in developing the Russian fleet. Such a figure became Korolev.

«SP»: — But we don’t know what position at USC he will appoint…

— Look. I think it will be a senior position because the logic of this appointment is quite clear — the strengthening of the USC.

And not the fact that the new position of the Queen will be much lower than the previous one. Still, the Shipbuilding Corporation is a very serious organization that is responsible for the construction of warships and civilian ones. So from the point of view of the impact on the development of the shipbuilding industry in Russia, the possibilities of the ex-commander will only increase.

I think this is quite a worthy option of leaving the military service.

It is clear that new people came to replace the Queen. So I don’t see anything special about the changes made by the President. For Evmenov, who previously commanded the Northern fleet, the appointment of the commander-in-chief is a great reward. And that makes perfect sense to publicize this appointment under the 9 May.

«SP»: — Will the Queen in the new place to eliminate failures with the construction of warships?

— The failures do take place. But this is not the fault of the Navy and the Queen. This is the fault of USC, and most importantly — the Russian government. The Cabinet began to cut the military budget — and this is in conditions when the whole world may be on the verge of a new war.

It, in my opinion, is irresponsible — especially, money in the country is. Huge funds are withdrawn from Russia abroad, huge bonuses are received by top managers of companies with state participation. If the revenues of state corporations are cut to acceptable sizes, the money for the construction of new ships will be enough in excess.

— Korolev leaves the post of the commander-in-chief by age, and gets a new good position in the USC — said the leading expert of the Center for military and political research MGIMO, doctor of political Sciences Mikhail Alexandrov. — Perhaps he will be able to influence the activities of the Shipbuilding Corporation because today its success is not impressive.

The commissioning of ships is slowed down, the problem with the production of engines — both gas turbine and modern marine diesel engines-has not been solved.

In no way will the USC and the first submarine with anaerobic, that is, air-independent, power plant. Let me remind you that it produces hydrogen from diesel fuel, and then with the help of an electrochemical generator, an electric current is produced from hydrogen.

Problems are observed with the commissioning of submarines. The second multipurpose nuclear submarine (submarine) of the project «Ash» — «Kazan» — is still undergoing factory tests on the «Sevmash», and will not be put into operation.

With the strategic submarines of «Northwind» — the same delay. I don’t understand why the Navy has so many submarines of this type. The fact is that our Maritime component of the nuclear triad has traditionally been quite vulnerable to the means of countering a possible enemy — the United States. The money will go to build «Bareev», we could deploy more ground-based systems «Sarmat». Such a step, I believe, would be much more effective.

As a part of the submarine fleet, it would be right for us to focus on multi-purpose submarines. Armed with cruise missiles, such boats can work on ground targets and against aircraft carrier groups.

Plus we have a problem with a heavy aircraft carrier cruiser «Admiral Kuznetsov».

The question remains, do we need such gigantic ships? Still as much as the Americans, we aircraft carriers do not do — even the content of one flies in a penny. We do not have foreign policy goals that aircraft carriers decide, and to combat us aircraft carrier groups, a destroyer armed with 50-60 missiles of the «Caliber» or «Zircon» type is enough.

In fact, such controversial decisions break USC — in the end, Russia spends money is unknown. But Queens is not the answer, because of the production

Dana Tessen

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