Putin does not want to impose sanctions against Georgia

Putin does not want to impose sanctions against Georgia

The Russian President commented on the situation with the journalist who insulted him on the air.
Russian President Vladimir Putin opposed the imposition of sanctions against Georgia because of the obscene statement of the Georgian journalist, reports TASS on Tuesday, July 9.»As for various sanctions against Georgia, I would not do it out of respect for the Georgian people. Well, that one came out, blurted out something pretending to be something about him before, no one knew, and now everyone says, well, in that sense succeeded. Well, he was suspended for two months, he went on vacation, then come, continue to work. But there are people who protest against this in Georgia,» Putin said.

In addition, Putin believes that «a lot of honor» to initiate criminal proceedings against Georgian journalist George Gabunia, insulted him. «Let it go on,» he said.

According to the Russian President, anti-Russian sentiments in the country are inflated by people who do not know the history and ultimately harm Georgia.

Earlier today, the Russian state Duma called for sanctions against Georgia. At the same time, as reported by Georgia Online, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili urged Russia not to escalate the conflict in connection with the incident on Rustavi 2.

«I urge the Russian leadership not to give in to escalation. It will be a paradox if the neighboring country responds to the provocation initiated, according to its own characteristics, by «radical forces», and this will contribute to destructive goals. I also want to emphasize that our peace policy is the only way to maintain stability in the country and the region,» Zurabishvili said.

She stressed that «Georgia is historically a symbol of tolerance» and Tbilisi will not allow this tradition to be violated.

On June 21, against the backdrop of anti-Russian protests in Tbilisi, Vladimir Putin signed a decree banning Russian airlines from 8 July to fly to Georgia. Similar to the locked is introduced to the flights of Georgian aircraft in Russia

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