Putin does not have high hopes for the G20 summit

Putin does not have high hopes for the G20 summit

During the meeting with Trump, the Russian leader plans to discuss the extension of start III

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will meet with us President Donald Trump on Friday, said he did not expect any breakthroughs following the G20 summit in Japan.

However, he noted that he hopes that the G20 leaders will be able to develop a common understanding of what is necessary to strengthen the economy and financial institutions.

It is planned that we and Russian leaders will hold a meeting on the sidelines of the summit. According to Putin, he plans to call on Trump to extend the Treaty on strategic offensive arms reduction (start III) signed in 2010.

Earlier this year, the US made it clear that it plans to withdraw from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles, which Russia considered the cornerstone of European nuclear security.

The US accuses Russia of violating the 1987 Treaty, which, according to Washington’s warning, will end in August if Moscow does not destroy the new missile system.

Since then, Russia has focused its arms control efforts on start III.

«I hope we will talk with Donald, if we can see each other now in Osaka, in this regard, – Putin said. – We said that we are ready for negotiations, ready to extend the Treaty between the United States and Russia, but so far we do not see anything, no initiative on the part of our American partners – there is nothing, and in 2021 it is pumped. If now the negotiations will not be initiated – all, he «dies», because time just will not even for formalities.»

In an interview with the Financial Times, Putin spoke a little about his relationship with the American leader, which is particularly remarkable because of trump’s laudatory remarks about his Russian counterpart.

Close attention to the relations between the two leaders is also due to the fact that Trump seems to believe Putin’s assurances that Russia did not interfere in our presidential election in 2016.

«I, for example, disagree with many ways of solving the problems he uses. But you know what it is, in my opinion? He is a talented person,» Putin said about Trump.

One example of trump’s talent, Putin called his efforts to smooth relations between Moscow and Washington against the background of «mythical interference» in the elections.

«What really happened there? Mr. Trump, unlike his opponents, subtly felt what happened in American society, subtly felt the changes within American society, and he used it,» Putin said.

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