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“Putin did not have any influence in Syria»


"Putin did not have any influence in Syria»
It is difficult to deny that the Syrian Kurds have long been almost the main problem for all parties involved in the local conflict. Russia is no exception. The variability of the Kurds prevents Moscow from building a normal dialogue with them. It seems that at some point we were able to move in this direction, but again began a period of regression. Thus, the other day the official representative of the People’s self-defense units Nuri Mahmud made a very controversial statement.

First, he strongly doubted the ability of Damascus to conduct a military operation against the People’s self-defense units. This was his response to the statement of the Syrian Minister of defense, who promised to start a military campaign against them in case of the Kurds ‘ unwillingness to engage in a normal dialogue. At the same time, Minister Ali Abdullah Ayub predicted Damascus victory.

Following this, Mahmoud turned to reflections on the role of Russia in the Syrian crisis, and here he was even harsher. According to him, Moscow no longer has any influence in Syria. And indeed from the very beginning of the war, her contribution was “superficial”. Everything is so bad that even Assad is completely free from instructions from the Kremlin.

As proof of his words, the Kurdish activist cites Moscow’s “silent” consent to the occupation of Syrian territories. Mahmoud specifies — we are talking about Idlib, Afrin and other parts of North-Western Syria. The main idea of Mahmoud in the Russian part of his statement can be called the following: “As for Syria, it (Russia — ed.) adopted short-term goals and agreed with Turkey to turn the Syrian crisis into a business.”It is obvious that with this attitude, the Kurds are unlikely to be perceived in the Kremlin as potential partners for solving the Syrian crisis. During the war, the attitude of their leaders to Russia has changed many times. A few months ago, representatives of the ruling in the self-proclaimed Syrian Kurdistan party “Democratic Union” were looking for opportunities to negotiate with Damascus and Russia. Special commissions have even been set up for this purpose. But it seems that there was only one reason — us President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of us military from Syria. There was nowhere to go, so they went to the dialogue. However, later it suddenly became known that Uncle Sam is in no hurry and is ready to talk with the Turks about the future of the Kurds and their place in Syria. It is obvious that this circumstance allows such people as Nuri Mahmud to make such statements to Russia.


Russian military expert Alexei Leonov believes that the representative of the people’s protection Units could make such a statement only after consultation with the United States. And the main goal is to continue the war in Syria.

— This kind of statement is usually made only when there are certain forces behind. The same forces are responsible for the content of the text of the statement.

— Some state Department employees, for example?

— Quite possible. There are many American specialists in the Syrian territories occupied by the Kurds. The US, in fact, does not want to leave Syria. They’re looking for reasons to stay now. And all sorts of representatives of the Kurds or other opposition groups are simply used as a tool to foment war. That is, through such people are trying to provoke hostilities.”SP”: – And why do the Kurds themselves need it? Recently it became known that the United States almost agreed to push the People’s self-defense units from the Turkish border. It’s tantamount to betrayal.

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— There is nothing surprising — the United States often use their alleged allies, especially in this case, the problem for the Kurds is aggravated by the fact that they could not fulfill the main task assigned to them by the States — could not irrevocably split a piece from Syria. That’s why the Kurds from the US will not get anything.

— Is a dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds possible in the future?

— They can’t agree among themselves what then to speak about others? In General, it is difficult to understand with whom to negotiate and how to do it. Note that among the Kurds there are only generals, politicians and soldiers. For some reason, other specialists are in short supply — doctors, engineers and so on. This to some extent characterizes their contractual capacity. But, I think that after the departure of the Americans, most of the Kurds will still go to the world with Damascus, because the threat of war will cool hotheads.


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