The President of the Foundation for the protection of national values journalist Alexander Malkovich is now persona non grata not only in the United States but also in… Moldova, where he was deported in may this year. In this regard, he began work on the next documentary cycle “the dark-Moldovans”. And help him… the locals themselves, sending materials directly to the author in private messages in the telegram messenger.

In fact, I write not only the people of Moldova but… the whole Telegram-channels, that is, their administrators. For example, a young, developing channel de jure of unrecognized Transnistria got in touch. The so-called “show and tell Transnistria”. And at once dumped on me a set of materials on Vladimir Plakhotnyuk — the main Moldavian oligarch with doubtful reputation about which I managed to tell in the first Chapter of the investigation.

They say (in particular, all this is in the investigation of the Romanian edition of Evenimentul Zilei, citing Interpol documents) that he subordinated the justice system, the legal authorities and the Prosecutor’s office, accused of questionable ties with the Russian mafia and Romanian politicians.

More than that: Evz.ro writes that the criminal group, which includes platonic, is suspected of trying to penetrate the policies of a number of States. In addition, the article States that Vladimir platonic Was also watched by the British authorities, who identified a number of documents proving that he was the beneficiary of tens of millions of euros out of 80% stolen from the financial and banking system of Moldova.

Moldovan bloggers claim that platonic is also known for his questionable business in the early 90-is of the last century when he “exported dancers abroad”. As independent Moldovan journalists write, platonic won all the courts on the protection of honor and dignity in his country.

Vlad platonic was engaged in human trafficking, he was a pimp, received money from this business. At the moment, Vlad platonic seeks to become the owner of the Republic of Moldova.

For this statement, the court sector ryshkan ordered in 2011, the leader of the Popular movement against the mafia Sergei mokan to pay 120 thousand dollars to the then Vice-Chairman of the Democratic party Vlad Plahotniuc (from December 2016, he is its leader). What did you want? Plahotniuc is a serious person and a “responsible politician”. And a very rich man.

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Journalists argue that it still holds control over the wine plants Cricova and Milestii mice, the country’s largest producer of bread and bakery Franzeluta, TETS-1, TETS-2, JSC Apa-canal (water utility), SE Moldelectrica, state enterprise Moldtranselectro (Chisinau), Costesti HPP, SE “Railway of Moldova”, GP “the railway Stations and bus stations”, SE Posta Moldovei, SE “radio communication”, international airport of Chisinau airport “Marculesti”, Air Moldova airline, airline Agroavia, international exhibition centre “Moldexpo”, the hotel “Codru”, GP “the Palace of the Republic”. And this, they say, only a short list. I want to ask a question: is there at least some business left in Moldova? Let’s just say something’s off the list.…

Look, everybody knows everything. Here, former Deputy interior Minister Gennady Kosovan says:

…the chaos began around money laundering. In 2007, we were engaged in the activities of a criminal group, which daily laundered in the country from 8 to 16 million lei (multiply by 3.5 and get the amount in rubles. — Primas’. auth.).

Kosovo failed to bring the investigation to the end — he was severely wounded in the grenade explosion.

“We were removed from the case. I was attacked with a grenade, my colleague was persecuted, he was prosecuted and placed in prison No. 13. After that in 2007 platonic invited me to his office and said: “Where are you going? This is my project,” says Kosovan.

At the same time, in February this year, the Press Secretary of the Democratic party of Moldova Vitaly gamurar solemnly said that the information spread by the Interior Ministry about the involvement of the leader of the democratic party Vladimir Plahotniuc to the illegal withdrawal from Russia of more than 37 billion rubles is… “interference in the Moldovan elections.” Voila!

At the parliamentary elections on February 24, 2019, platonic was nominated for the post of Deputy not only on the party list but also on the single-mandate district No. 17, which includes settlements are disputed and terrible. Won, of course. In the Moldovan Telegram channels it now only as “Străşeni Puppeteer or Puppetmaster from the dreaded” do not call.

That’s what they say, investigators:

From the official biography of Vlad platonic One can learn that in 1991 he received higher education in the specialty “engineer” at the faculty “technology of food industry” of the Technical University of Chisinau.

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However, according to the leader of the movement “anti-mafia” Sergiu mo can, the diploma was purchased. Even a criminal case was opened, but “for unknown reasons, it was closed.” The story about the “bought diploma” is not difficult to believe. One of the Moldovan Cabinet fell under the burden of accusations against its head Kirill Gaburici: it turns out that he illegally acquired not only a diploma of higher education but also a certificate of completed secondary education.

Then platonic worked in the Center for the rehabilitation of minor victims of violence. It is said that it was among the patients of the center and registered underage girls from disadvantaged families in the early 1990s who recruited sexual slaves to be sent abroad.

Another thing is that, when already in our day’s solid media (including Romanian) tried to check this information among their sources directly in the Republic of Moldova, it turned out an interesting fact: to give information about the Puppeteer willing to virtually none. Today, Moldovan journalists and bloggers understand that the publication or official confirmation of any “hot” material about the Democratic party of Moldova and especially about Vlad Plahotniuc personally can end in tears. How?

For example, the Prosecutor’s office can “be excited” and begin “to sew business”. Or, even worse, the fight will go “tired” (members of the combat unit under the command of the famous Moldavian master of unarmed combat Constantine Zuzu, who became a member of Parliament on the lists of the democratic party.

These Are “Moldova. Realities.» However, the resource of “Radio Liberty” with the same name will not wait — the Western partners are satisfied here gangster government that is buying up members of the station prostitutes and threatening even the family members of the President of the country. It is obvious that with this approach, you can expect anything, say Moldovans.

In part, I was faced with this-this may at the airport when I was interrogated by local security officers, a little resembling the heroes of the film “Struggle for fire”, where the brilliant in a certain role Ron Perlman played an energetic man of the Paleolithic era. But about this next time.


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