Poroshenko is preparing a coup against Zelensky

Poroshenko is preparing a coup against Zelensky

The elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky can go to the early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. About it on the air of the program «the Right to the power» of the channel «1+1» the representative of the staff of the winner Dmitry Razumkov declared.

«Within the framework of the current Constitution, if it is allowed, then theoretically Yes. Especially after the events that have taken place in recent days, associated with an attempt to cut powers,» he said in response to a relevant question.

«It is very important for the country and for people to have a person who is chosen in the General elections. We must have a guarantor of the Constitution, which will protect the rights and freedoms of citizens of this country,» Razumkov added.

He reported that in Zelensky’s team are very dissatisfied with an initiative of deputies who decided to cut off powers of the President. He called the bill submitted to the Verkhovna Rada «an attempt of a coup d’état» and «a blow to the stomach» not only to the President but also to all 73 percent of voters who supported him in the elections. According to him, the document virtually abolishes the powers of the head of state.

«This can partly be considered an attempt at a constitutional coup, because the balance is absolutely violated,» he stressed, Recalling that in the history of the country there was already a situation when one person illegally had too much power, which caused the events on the Maidan in 2014 and the conflict in the Donbass (obviously, Razumkov meant ex-President Viktor Yanukovych).»We need a law on the President, but it must be within the framework of the Constitution, which is today. With all due respect, this bill is actually the abolition or very serious restriction of the powers of the President, provided for by the current Constitution,» he stressed.

Razumkov is convinced that it is enough for the Parliament to pass laws on impeachment and removal of immunity from the President, which Zelensky’s team proposed during the election campaign.

Earlier, deputies from the party «self-Help» in the Verkhovna Rada introduced a bill «on the President», implying a reduction in the powers of the President to form the government. At the moment, the President of Ukraine has the right to appoint the Minister of defense and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. According to the new law, he will have to choose from the candidates proposed by the deputies.

It is known that the ruling party «Petro Poroshenko Bloc» intends to support the bill at the vote in the Parliament.

We will remind also that the other day Zelensky accused the CEC of Ukraine of attempt to tighten the announcement of final results of elections to postpone inauguration It will deprive of its opportunity to dissolve Rada as under the law the new President can make it no later than for half a year before the end of its powers. In this case, the deadline is May 27.

The CEC denied these accusations, saying that the summing up of the elections is not delayed, but on the contrary, goes with unprecedented speed.

«The law on presidential elections provides for 10 days for the CEC to determine the result of this vote from the day of the second vote. On the fourth day, the CEC adopted almost all the protocols of the district election commissions. This is such a speed in comparison with other election campaigns, which can be called unprecedented,» said Deputy Chairman of the CEC Yevgeny Radchenko.

Meanwhile, it became known that the Agency plans to announce the results on April 30. This means that the inauguration of the President-elect should take place no later than 30 may.

«Today, the latest protocols with wet seals have been adopted. Now we will process them. In addition, under the law, there are five days for appeal after the signing of the Protocol by the District Commissioner. We need to wait, whether there are no claims», — the Secretary of the CEC Natalya Bernatskaya told.

Zelensky’s desire to have time to dissolve Rada, without having allowed cutting the powers — is clear as the desires of his opponents to prevent it are clear. But can this be called a «coup»?

According to political scientist Alexander Dudchak, the coup in Ukraine was already in February 2014 — armed, with many victims, followed by the war in the Donbass.

— And this is the struggle of the clans — those who mated the previous crimes were in power, represented in the Parliament with those who want to come in to replace them and catch up.

«SP: — Why Zelensky before taking office want to deprive of part of powers? Why didn’t they try that with his predecessors?

— To deprive of powers not so simply — for this purpose, it is necessary to make changes to the Constitution. Can a common enemy to mobilize and unite a sufficient number of deputies… Doubtful. But Zelensky does not have his own faction in the Parliament, and the current deputies understand that he will want to place his people in key positions to be able to effectively prepare for the elections to the Rada. The predecessors always had more opportunities to protect their interests, and the tasks were somewhat different.

SP: who wants it the most? And who in Rada, on the contrary, can support Zelensky?

— Poroshenko, Turchynov, and Parubiy with the supporters, very much would like. But in each faction, there are those who are waiting or would like to support the new President, based on their plans. At the headquarters of the accused Zelensky CEC in that it specifically delays the inauguration, not to give to dissolve the Rada. Is that so? The CEC denies…

— They seem to be tightening.

«SP: — Zelensky also insists on the need to dissolve the Rada. What for? Will he be able to do it, and what will it give him?

— He will win if dissolves Rada and will try to reformat the power on a wave of victory and popularity while it didn’t lose. His opponents also understand this.

«SP: — What are Zelensky’s chances to take the majority in Rada with his political force in the fall?

— Hardly a majority, but we can talk about 30% of the seats. Depending on whether it will manage to keep powers, whether will be able to dissolve Parliament, but as of this time, can quite collect 30%.

— The possible limitations of the power of the President in the Ukrainian political circles were discussed before the official start of the presidential campaign, — recalls the Director of the Center for public and information cooperation «Europe» Eduard Popov.

— The ruling coalition of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the People’s front of Yatsenyuk-Avakov still controls, at least formally, the majority of the Rada. Zelensky’s weakness is in the absence of his faction. Affected precocity figures Zelensky. The fact that he is new to politics — not a plus, but a big plus, as he jokes Zelensky. But it, at the same time, and a big minus — about what, of course, Zelensky won’t joke publicly. The absence of his party and movement — perhaps, the Achilles heel Zelensky. In addition, the idea of a parliamentary-presidential Republic is as old as the modern Ukrainian statehood. It was the idea of the campaign «Kuchma get!» and then became the line of confrontation after the victory of the first «Maidan». I would not call it a coup d’état in view of the traditional nature of this idea for Ukrainian politicians. But it is obvious that win in the second round not Zelensky, and Poroshenko any conversation on reform wouldn’t be.

«SP: — Why do they want to deprive him of his powers?

— Want to deprive of powers only because of it — not Poroshenko. Meanwhile, Ukraine has tried to limit the powers of the President more than once. Such was the case with Kuchma and Yushchenko. It’s logical. Poroshenko lost, so he tries to limit the power of his more fortunate opponent.
For what?

— The logic of actions and interests of the old power — to tighten as much as possible transfer of real powers to the authorities new. And to weaken Zelensky, and to give the chance to cover up traces to Petro Poroshenko’s team, to bring assets from Ukraine, to hide traces of economic crimes, to agree with foreign partners — Yes there is a lot of everything. But I am not sure that we are talking about the interference in the dissolution of the Rada. I think Zelensky himself is not interested in this step, which carries serious risks for him — both internally and externally.

SP: — will it be Possible to dissolve Rada after May 28?

— As Trotsky said: if it is necessary — then it is possible. The law on the Verkhovna Rada can be given the necessary interpretation depending on the political situation. As I understand this issue, Poroshenko and his team are interested in the dissolution of the Rada. It is important for them to show the failure of the new President — and to show Western partners in the first place. And to create a zone of political turbulence in Ukraine. The dissolution of the Rada six months before the official elections will hit the authority and image of Zelensky. Bad start for the start of presidential rule…

«SP: — The outgoing power can still blight the lives Zelensky?

— Poroshenko and Ko will, as I said above, spoil the life of the new team. So to speak, creatively to approach a question of search of the answer to a question: then still it is possible to damage Zelensky? I think Poroshenko and his people will exploit the thesis as widely as possible: Zelensky is a politician without experience. Through the media controlled by Petro Poroshenko, including TV channels, theses about the failure of this or that initiative of the new President will be thrown in. But, perhaps, the even bigger threat to Zelensky is Petro Poroshenko’s attempt to prove to the Ukrainian patriots-nationalists that Zelensky — zradnik, that is, the traitor. Any attempts to negotiate with the DPR-LPR or Vladimir Putin especially attempts to find a compromise will be thrown into the appropriate media and play the role of horror stories. Finally, Poroshenko himself, a very dubious Ukrainian himself, will exploit Zelensky’s Jewish origin, which is a red rag for the bull of Ukrainian nationalism, and for Western partners too. These are only those thoughts that come to mind after a short reflection and only on the basis of publicly available information. The true range of possible criticism of the new President is much wider. Vladimir Zelensky is not to be envied. And, frankly, I do not want to sympathize.

Dana Tessen

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