Pompeo will meet with Merkel to stop the «Nord stream-2»

Pompeo will meet with Merkel to stop the «Nord stream-2»

Pompeo will meet with Merkel to stop the "Nord stream-2"
May 7 in Berlin will talk about the «Nord stream-2». Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo arrives in the German capital to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Washington’s position has not changed for a long time: they are trying to stop the implementation of the project. Meanwhile, Gazprom says that almost half of Nord stream 2 is ready.

Nord stream 2 is back in the spotlight. Today in Berlin, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German Foreign Minister. Most likely, the construction of the gas pipeline will not pass by, as well as the issue of gas supplies to Ukraine and fuel transit through its territory to Europe.

By the way, on the eve of «Naftogaz of Ukraine» filed a complaint with the European Commission on the alleged anti-competitive actions of «Gazprom» in the gas market. They are sure that the satisfaction of this wish will allow «to save for Ukraine the income from gas transit», and also to reduce the cost of its import. Experts remind today Ukraine and so receives Russian gas, only on the reverse, and therefore — much more expensive. Moreover, the volume of purchases through third parties is growing. For the first four months of this year by 10 percent. Thus, the country increased the import of reverse gas to almost 2 billion 400 million cubic meters. Slovakia accounts for the lion’s share.

According to «Ukrtransgaz», on may, 4 gas reserves in UGS of Ukraine exceeded 9.5 billion cubic meters. Today, Kiev is concerned about the future of it’s country’s gas transportation system.

«There were also clearly given explanations for the same Merkel to the Americans, Trump, that the Ukrainian transit is not crossed out, but remains as an additional route. Give only tariff conditions and ensure security, upgrade the system,» — said the head of the Analytical Department of the national energy security Fund Alexander Pasechnik.

More recently, the trilateral talks on gas transit through Ukraine were discussed by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and Deputy head of the European Commission marsh Stefanovich. Last time representatives of Russia, EU and Ukraine met in Brussels on January 21. However, then the parties did not come to an understanding either on the issue of Ukrainian transit nor on mutual claims of Gazprom and Naftogaz. Negotiations were going to continue in May.

«Kiev needs Russian gas as a cornerstone for the preservation of the main gas transportation system as a whole because, in principle, a significant part of the capital and operating systems are covered by revenues from the pumping of Russian gas,» said Valery Weisberg, Director of the Analytical Department of the region IC.

The project involves the construction of two threads with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. From the coast of Russia across the Baltic Sea to Germany. The cost of construction is estimated at 9.5 billion euros. The launch is scheduled for the end of this year. The pipeline will pass through the territorial or exclusive economic zones of the countries located along the shores of the Baltic sea — Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

Of these countries, Nord Stream 2 AG remained to obtain a building permit only from Denmark.

«The obstacles that Denmark can theoretically put in the way of this project are overcome, perhaps, in 2-3 additional months. But it should be understood that the implementation of the «Nord stream» as a marine gas pipeline is meaningless without land capacity», — says Deputy Director General of the Institute of national energy Alexander Frolov.

In the «Gazprom» argue that the project will be launched on time, even despite statements from the United States. Their position is known to all and does not change. Washington is concerned, as they say, about the «energy security of European countries». The United States is seeking the abolition of the project and threaten sanctions to its participants.

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