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Pan Zelensky: What to expect from the new President of Ukraine


Pan Zelensky: What to expect from the new President of Ukraine

So, the elections in Ukraine are over. With a high degree of probability, it is already possible to claim that the victory in the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine goes to Vladimir Zelensky in spite of the fact that late in the evening on Saturday his candidacy inadequate Ukrainian lawyers tried to remove from election race that already simply gave the Ukrainian nonsense.

So, according to a preliminary data exit poll for showman Vladimir Zelinsky gave their votes 72.7% of voters. The current President Petro Poroshenko is gaining 27.3%. According to other data, 73.2% of voters voted for Zelensky, 25.3% — for the incumbent President. Crossed out both or spoiled the Bulletin 1.05%.

According to the latest data, more than 62% of the voters came to the elections “untrustworthy”, which is a record for Ukraine. As residents of Ukraine told us, there were a lot of young people in these elections, those who are most afraid for their future and understand that Poroshenko’s regime will not give them anything. So, Zelensky leads. And in all regions of the country.

However, nobody doubted Poroshenko’s defeat in Kiev from the very beginning, and even, the ex-President who threw out a white flag, having declared the day before that “will accept any won President”. In Moscow, judging by the reaction on social media, too, “decided” with the choice of the Ukrainian President and sympathetic to the former “witted”. However, even with certain expectations from Zelensky, in Russia are guided only by the phrase “it will not be worse” and are going to carefully watch his first steps, but no more. In the current situation with the “change of guard” in Ukraine, what is more, important is what Ukrainians themselves expect from their new President. They choose to live with it.


The fact that Petro Poroshenko during his chaotic and unpredictable rule has brought Ukraine to the handle, lowering the standard of living to an unprecedented pitch, the disintegration of the economy, industry, agriculture — evident and obvious, and the Ukrainians themselves feel it in your wallet. nevertheless, Poroshenko was the main KONEK — European integration, turn toward the West, he talked about constantly and that takes credit so far. Remember the popular slogan of 2014: “Ukraine — CE Europe”? Everything else was secondary, even skipping rope on the Maidan under the chant: “Hto does not jump — the Russian!”, were rather even not against Russia, and for Europe. Lustration, with the planting of officials in trash cans, fighting corruption, the war in the Donbass and promised to “return the Crimea” was only a distraction. And having thrown a bone with the European smell in the people, Poroshenko correctly then played on desires of people that in the West than in the East of the country — electorate for it as a result of the voted. Would like Europe — here it is you, albeit in a neutered form.

Unlike Poroshenko, Zelensky has no such unifying, even ephemeral, slogan, at least, yet — did not manage to think up yet. It is hardly possible to consider program words of the Vice-President that “the new life begins, normal, without corruption, without bribes”. Most probably behind the scenes was funny from this joke. For election slogans still will descend, but not for the person who the next five years will head and, here what trouble, also to direct Ukraine. Zelinsky himself said that more than one term, he is this “non-monetary who” is not going to pull and generally sees Ukraine as a parliamentary Republic, where the role of the President is leveled and allows you to engage in personal Hobbies.

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Without a clear and thought-out program of the country’s development, the new President of Ukraine will have to first use the “achievements” of his predecessor. The campaign to Europe is not canceled, membership in NATO remains in dreams (with the obligatory referendum), “we do not scatter our lands” — this is about the “occupied” Donbass and compensation from Russia for “aggression”, and other blah-blah-blah from Poroshenko’s rhetoric. Nothing new, at least about the decline in lard prices joked.

Pan Zelensky: What to expect from the new President of Ukraine

However, even in the election campaign Zelensky said “about the Ukraine of his dreams” — a country where only shoot the fireworks where you can quickly open the business, obtain a passport, where all receive decent salaries and pensions, and the corrupt are in prison. He promised to make every citizen of the country wealthy — this is the dream of every Ukrainian. To achieve this, according to Zelensky, it is possible through the introduction of a “zero Declaration” for business, when everyone can declare and legalize their income for 5%. Replace the income tax with a tax on the capital spend deregulating the economy and freedom of competition. To develop domestic production, to provide long-term affordable lending, to form a transparent land market. Well, in General, the bomb is to transfer the state to its own energy resources. Fascinated by such promises Ukrainians sang: “Stay boy with us — will be our king.”

How to do it all, Zelensky, and yet he really is not — it is not something that has not grown out of short pants, these pants haven’t even tried. “Growing pains” as President, he guaranteed, however, and any other leader at such a high position even takes off unexpectedly.

— Vladimir Putin, summoned from St. Petersburg and rapidly passed in Moscow the stage of FSB Director, Secretary of the Security Council, the head of government, when he was appointed “tired” Yeltsin acting President of Russia, also was at a loss, — says political strategist Sergei Vinogradov. — The first time he sat all night long in the office and could not imagine how he could dispose of not even received the post, and the country as a whole. “What can be done better for Russia?”, — he asked people around whom then still it was impossible to call his team and sincerely worried from a misunderstanding of many questions. It is difficult to imagine now, but Vladimir Vladimirovich, “great PU”, looked like a confused first-grader, who was put at the Desk, but forgot to call the teacher. It was only when he “pulled” on his side the army, said the famous “we will wet in the toilet”, slowly but stubbornly built the vertical of power across the country. It took him almost twenty years to become the Putin we have now.

Zelensky will not become “like Putin”, at least in the foreseeable future. First, because he has no motivation to become a leader of the nation. Secondly, he will always look back at those who promoted him to the presidency. Third, he does not have his own close-knit team of like-minded people, with the exception of colleagues in show business. Fourth, there is no political or economic experience, without which it is simply impossible to clear the “Augean stables” of Ukraine. Fifth, on his side there is no army or other law enforcement agencies, and the “former” will try in every way to put a spoke in the wheel inexperienced politician. Even if you imagine that Zelensky will eventually be able to pass all these tests with dignity and will really be able to achieve a positive dynamics of the development of Ukraine, such as “Putin” he still will not, because he does not … Sambo. It is a joke to the repertoire Zelensky gives.

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— Not destined to become Zelensky and “as macron”, — continues to subject comparisons Dr. economic Sciences, Professor Nikita Krichevsky. — The President of France did not jump on the political arena like the devil out of a snuffbox, he managed to stay in the rank of Minister of economy, has experience in banking, led the centrist movement “Forward!” and claimed to be the ‘new de Gaulle’. Again, it is naive to compare France, which ranks 7th among the countries with highly developed economies, and Ukraine, which received the “honorary” 6th place among the worst economies in the world. And if Macron is blamed for the lag in development from Germany and the reduction of social benefits within the country, the future list of Zelensky’s failures will be much wider. What Ukraine is doing well so far is that it is the largest recipient of remittances in the region, which last year amounted to a record amount of $ 14 billion. This was due to the continued growth of economic activity in Poland, Russia, Spain, and the United States, those countries that are the main source of remittances to Ukraine. That is, the citizens of Ukraine as a whole earn much more abroad than inside the country. This is a very dangerous situation for the economy of Ukraine itself, where there are no opportunities for internal development. In some people, “Poehali” money in the jug is, and they do not exist. This is a potential part of the protest electorate, which will soon surely ask its President about such injustice and will readily wear vests of some color.

Presidential elections in Ukraine (the second round) started at 8.00 am on April 21 — about 30 thousand polling stations will be open until 20.00. Ukrainians will also be able to vote at 101 polling stations organized in 72 countries, except Russia, where the Ukrainian CEC on December 31, 2018, on the day of the start of the election campaign, eliminated all five polling stations that were previously located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-don, Yekaterinburg and Novorossiysk. About 3 million Ukrainians in Russia were actually deprived of the right to elect a head of state. Everything is logical — most of them would vote now … against Poroshenko.

According to sociological data of the Kiev International Institute of sociology (April 9 — 14), for the leader of the party “Servant of the people” Vladimir Zelensky in the second round are ready to vote almost three times more voters than for President Petro Poroshenko. Among those who have decided on the choice, 72.2% of respondents intend to support the novice politician, the current head of state — 25.4%. Opening (urn), as they say, will show — the final counting of votes has to sound till May 1.


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