PACE session in Strasbourg will show whether Russia is a masochistic country

PACE session in Strasbourg will show whether Russia is a masochistic country

Pace deputies are considering a draft resolution on the powers of the Russian delegation, 19 amendments to which, if they remain, make it impossible for Moscow to join the structure that despises it. The persistent attempts made by Eurasian Russia since Peter the great to become a European country, which only undermines respect for Europe, with respect for the identity of China and even Saudi Arabia, are close to the moment of truth. In the capital of Alsace tonight the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is considering a draft resolution on the powers of the Russian delegation. In the document that, according to Strasbourg, is of a discriminatory character made by ill-wishers of Russia nineteen amendments, making its membership in this selective «human rights» the structure of a farce. According to the TASS source in the Russian delegation, the most radical amendment proposed to add a particle «not» in the proposal, which states that «the Assembly decides to confirm the authority of the Russian delegation.» According to him, only one, the most insignificant amendment out of 19 is allowed, but «if at least one of the other 18 is accepted, we leave PACE».

About 30 parliamentarians intend to speak on the draft resolution, in connection with which the Thriller will not be completed soon. Particularly eager to speak to representatives of Britain and Ukraine.

We are waiting for you in cuffs rainbow colors

At the moment, the situation looks like PACE is ready to «ratify the powers of the Russian delegation», but not for nothing. There are a number of conditions. For example, according to the draft, «the Russian delegation should return without any further delay to cooperation with the Monitoring Committee and all other committees of the Assembly and enter into a constructive dialogue on the implementation of its obligations», that is, allow PACE to interfere in its internal Affairs. Moscow should «release 24 Ukrainian sailors captured in the Kerch Strait on charges of illegally crossing the border of the Russian Federation, as well as immediately pay all contributions due to the budget of the Council of Europe.» In other words, the Russians should, without giving a damn about the law, release the participants of the Ukrainian provocation and pay their Strasbourg overseers a tidy sum. But that’s not all. Moscow is also invited to «unconditionally and fully cooperate with the joint investigation team and the Dutch Prosecutor’s office in bringing to justice those responsible for the Downing of flight MH17 Malaysia Airlines». However, it would be naive to think that in order to become a member of a friendly family of European Nations, Russia will have to confess to a crime that it did not commit. To do this, it is still necessary to «take effective measures to prevent violations of the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, and intersexuals (LGBTI)…», «fully cooperate with the international community in the investigation of the murder of Boris Nemtsov». The PACE calls these blatant demands «mutual dialogue», which, as expected in Strasbourg, «will lead to concrete results». All this Moscow is proposed to implement until April 2020.
PACE session in Strasbourg will show whether Russia is a masochistic country
«Charm» Of Europe

Moscow still likes it when it is considered Europe. Although today’s Europe has little in common with the one that captivated Peter I, half of Russia to cut there for the French-speaking ruling class cherished «window», split at the same time their own society and country, which had a distinctive civilizational and religious type. Therefore, the Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that «in any case, the return of Russia (in PACE – approx. Tsargrad) can only be welcomed.» Because in this case, «common sense wins, because, without the participation of the Russian Federation, the PACE’s work cannot and could not be complete.»This, of course, can be argued, but the fact that then said Peskov, no longer: «the Resumption of the work of our representatives in PACE can only be on a full-format basis, some infringement of the rights already makes it impossible for our delegation to participate.» Because special Russian pride is not canceled superficial Europeanization of the country.

Let’s see what will outweigh: the age-old piety before Europe, the persistent desire to impose their company on those who do not need it too much and generally looks down on the Russians, without having any reason (it’s not about what is better or worse but about different civilizations), from top to bottom, or this very pride.

When «compromise» is bad

Apparently, the Russian delegation is set to some compromise, on the part of which Russia has no equal. The Deputy head of the Russian delegation to PACE, Senator Sergei Kislyak, calls the brazen demands on Moscow a «set of political statements.»We can agree with them, disagree, but we are ready to work on the agenda, but the main thing at the moment, and it must be well understood in this entire discussion – these are the conditions on which the Russian delegation will work here,» he said conciliatingly. And he concluded: «If our rights are secured, as for any normal member state of the organization, we will be ready to consider different issues.»
PACE session in Strasbourg will show whether Russia is a masochistic country
What? Did you also and the above?

That’s just a very big question whether all these «Swedes» and cling to them even those Europeans, like messengers of the Maidan of Kyiv, on some compromises with Moscow? I am glad only one thing: in this case, their obstinacy will only benefit Russia.

Otherwise, Russia will have to, cursing, bring its legislation and political system in line with the «European norms» and agree to a meticulous check of these obligations. To date, Russia has already joined the 60 legal acts of the Council of Europe. This applies to the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, which the West has learned to manipulate, and ensuring the rights of national minorities, which in Russia and so more than the Russian, as well as cooperation in the fields of education, sports, film… Everything should be in Russia, as in Europe, because the copy is always worse than the original. This Europe, of course, is quite satisfied, as well as the cultivation of the Russian false inferiority complex. Therefore, it so happened that among the main European enthusiasts of Russia’s membership in PACE appears her great «friend» – the outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May. In her opinion, Moscow’s presence in this essentially hostile structure is «one of the few ways available to the international community to bring Russia to justice for its violation of human rights.»

This «Lost» Russia and will beat constantly on the head if it restores the powers in PACE, at the same time robbing her pockets so that this execution never ended. Therefore, now it is possible to raise the question in the sense that for Russia the moment of truth has come, and it will soon show itself and the world whether it is actually a masochistic country.

Dana Tessen

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