Or I, or Putin»: the United States is going to do Ukraine

Or I, or Putin»: the United States is going to do Ukraine

Or I, or Putin": the United States is going to do Ukraine
Moreover, the history of the Ukrainian adventure of Washington will be an important source of compromising at least one of the leading candidates, and it will be a great gift for Russian foreign policy, because thanks to the American domestic political showdowns the whole world will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Dirty Laundry of the organizers of the «color revolutions».
Despite the fact that the primaries of the Democratic party is still far away (and all the hands cannot change again), the best chance to become an opponent of Donald Trump in the elections of 2020 — now Joe Biden, ex-Vice President and one of the most prominent supporters of aggressive us foreign policy. According to the polls Morning Consult/Politico, quoted by the American specialized edition of The Hill, in the case of a hypothetical choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the latter would vote eight percent more Americans, and for current Washington, the administration is a clear cause for concern.

At the same time, Biden has a very good chance to win the primaries, because, first, he himself is a system politician through and through, which means that he is likely to be supported by the very «deep state» that trump so often complains about. And secondly, he leads the polls among voters sympathetic to the democratic party, with 39% of potential votes. However, in addition to very good results in the polls (which, however, should not be trusted as the ultimate truth), the appearance on the electoral field Joe Biden led to another interesting phenomenon. Both critics and supporters of the democratic candidate argue that behind his successes and failures is Russian influence or even a real conspiracy involving the Kremlin.
For example, the «hand of the Kremlin», or rather «the Russian campaign of disinformation and influence on the elections», allegedly found in a sexual scandal that broke out shortly before Biden announced his participation in the elections.
In social networks began the active distribution of numerous photos (the authenticity of which there is no doubt), showing not quite innocent behavior Biden when communicating with women and girls. Biden’s behavior was the subject of caustic ridicule and offensive memes, and (already traditional for the US) the reaction was not long in coming: Russia was blamed for everything. As the well-known American journalist Glen Greenwald writes (who can not be accused of any positive attitude towards our country), pointing to one example of such accusations: «I am Sure that this is not the first posting of this kind, but this is the first one that I saw: behind the accusations against Biden is Russia.»

And here it is useless to talk about some evidence. If the report of special Prosecutor Muller (absolutely unproven) indicates that Russia allegedly engaged in a systemic impact on the American elections, the faithful consumer of American news in principle is not allowed to doubt that the corrupting Russian influence continues to «pit Americans against each other.» The demonstrative confidence of some American politicians and journalists that there were civil peace and good understanding in the US until the moment when the «Russian trolls» discovered access to Facebook and taught Americans racism and contempt for political opponents, can cause nothing but a smile. Unfortunately, it is impossible to argue with this position in the United States — because the disputing will be immediately recorded in the KGB agents. However, you can get a label of a Russian agent in much more innocent circumstances. Joe Biden’s opponents are also confident that Russia is interfering in the elections but point to Biden as a Pro-Russian candidate. The ex-Vice-President (who is actually difficult to suspect of sympathy for Russia, especially after the Ukrainian events of 2013-2014) is accused of his bold initiative to create the so-called «Putin — Biden Commission». The world did not even suspect the existence of the «Putin — Biden Commission» until just last week: the Commission appeared exclusively in Biden’s plans, which we Vice President allegedly told a familiar Washington analyst who mentioned them in a recently declassified letter to Hillary Clinton. By and large, Biden is blamed for the fact that he wanted to agree on the establishment of a bilateral Commission for the normalization of us-Russian relations and wanted this diplomatic achievement to be associated with him personally. It turns out that by the standards of modern American policy, the very fact of the desire to somehow negotiate with the Kremlin (even if this desire was expressed in the distant past) will be considered such a terrible stain on the biography of the politician that it will be possible to wash away from it only through the adoption of some completely insane sanctions against Russia.

Judging by the reaction of Donald Trump in his personal Twitter account, the current inhabitant of the White House would be just happy to fight Biden in the election. On the one hand, Trump will be happy to once again use his image of an anti-system politician, and voters may well once again want to take revenge on the American establishment for years of humiliation, impoverishment and extremely unsuccessful (from the point of view of the inhabitant of «one-story America») globalization. Better revenge than to vote for trump against Biden, come up in principle impossible. On the other hand, there is another reason why Biden is extremely beneficial to the incumbent President as an opponent. He will certainly be reminded (perhaps even using new data from the new Ukrainian authorities) of the payments that his son received in Ukraine, and how Biden himself boasted of the dismissal of the Ukrainian Prosecutor. One of the Pro-trump media called the dirt on his rival «the Ukrainian nightmare of 2020», and we can safely bet that in the case of the victory of the former Vice-President of the United States in the primaries of the Democratic party, the whole world for many months of the American election campaign in 2020 will listen to exactly how high-ranking officials of the Obama administration, including Biden’s family, earned on post-Maidan Ukraine.
Regardless of the election results, it is impossible to think of more effective anti-advertising for the American «color revolutions». It may happen that the Americans will confirm much of what was previously rejected as «Russian propaganda.» Of course, even the corruption of the former President and its subsequent publication will be declared a Russian conspiracy, but by and large, it will not matter. On the contrary, if Americans get used to the idea that all their political life is controlled from Moscow, sooner or later they will come to terms with the need to negotiate with Russia, at least for the Kremlin to «appoint» a good President for them.

Dana Tessen

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