«Operation Beard»: «the Chechen mafia» has ousted Russian from Europe In Germany, a new horror story

«Operation Beard»: «the Chechen mafia» has ousted Russian from Europe In Germany, a new horror story

«Beard» — a code name was a special operation, which was carried out by the German special services during the year. They tried to identify the true threat of the «Chechen mafia», which ordinary Germans already seriously consider almost the main danger coming from Russia. How big is it really?

Victory day «celebrated» revelations

While the Russian-speaking world celebrated victory Day, dozens of respectable German publications (from Der Spiegel to Deutsche Welle) distributed details of the special operation carried out by the German special services against immigrants from Russia. More precisely — of the Chechens.

Journalists in detail told that within a year at once several law enforcement agencies (Federal office of criminal police, Federal office for migration and refugees, Federal intelligence service, Customs service and others) carried out the operation under the code name «Beard».

The result of the special operation was a 44-page analytical report, which is abundantly quoted by journalists. So, if you believe them, in Germany in recent years has significantly strengthened the «Chechen mafia», which literally subjugated many areas of criminal activity — drug trafficking, racketeering, knocking out debts. And the Chechens show more cruelty than the mafia from other countries — say, from Italy or the former Yugoslavia. Because of the great cohesion of the Chechen Diaspora, it is difficult for the police to recruit informants or agents. At the same time, the Mafiosi themselves have «moles» even in the most secret units of the Interior Ministry (including the Command of special operations and mobile operations groups), easily gaining access to information about upcoming police operations.

Referring to the data of the security forces, German journalists write about the merger of Chechen criminals and terrorist groups. More than 200 Chechens, half of whom were radical Islamists, were registered in the Federal criminal police Department.

In this regard, the German security forces strongly recommend strengthening cooperation between the Interior Ministry, the Federal intelligence service and the Federal service for the protection of the Constitution (similar to the Russian FSB). And at the same time carefully monitor the flow of migrants from the North Caucasus, which in Germany is now more than 50 thousand (including 40 thousand — Chechens).

Berlin: explosions, shootings, murders

The European (and first of all German) press and before more than once painted cruelty of «the Chechen mafia». For example, in March 2016, on the main street of Bismarckstrasse, a car was blown up in which a well — known drug dealer-a 43-year-old Turk-was driving: the police were sure that the murder was connected with the redistribution of the cocaine trade between groups, including the Chechen.

The continuation of the same criminal war was the murder in August in Berlin 28-year-old member of the motorcycle club Guerilla Nation (its backbone is the Arabs), who was engaged in drug trafficking: the guy was shot at the entrance to the nightclub.

In May 2017 in Berlin in a cafe on Groninger Strasse right at the wedding celebration, there was a shootout: several cars slowed down in front of the entrance to the institution and opened heavy machine gun fire on the Windows. Were fired 37 bullets, and only by sheer luck, no one was killed. Again, the main version of the police — redistribution of spheres of influence between Chechens and Albanians.

In August last year, the shootout happened in a residential area Marquises Viertel — Parking is available at the office of the Chechen cultural center. Two men, aged 21 and 31, were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Are all these explosions and skirmishes really taking place in Berlin — once the most phlegmatic and measured city in Europe? And whether migrants are to blame for this rampant crime only?

Not at all, I’m sure a specialist in Islam, doctor of historical Sciences Christian Osthold. In the German press, he has for many years criticized the government of Angela Merkel for softness in the «migration» issue, which eventually turns into a threat to national security:

— Chechen criminals perceive Germany as a fundamentally weak state. The fact that they could have come to Germany at all can be plausibly explained only by the consistent refusal of the authorities from border control, which was suddenly canceled in September 2015. The obvious lack of interest on the part of the German state to establish the identity of immigrants meant that any of their criminal past remains hidden from the authorities — said Osthold.

The Chechen authorities reacted to the German «investigations» as expected: Alvi Karimov, Press Secretary of the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, told reporters that the publications in the German media are a political or economic «order», and the conclusions are «sucked out of the finger».

Indeed, in recent years it has become unfashionable to frighten the Western man in the street «Russian mafia» — they were replaced in pop culture came «Chechen mafia». You can easily name half a dozen films and TV series, in which wielding Chechen criminals: «Eastern Promises», «common Fund», «Barry», «Mcmafia», «crime scene»…the Problem of the emergence of the «Chechen mafia» is to be expected among the migrants often found marginalization and criminal behavior. This is how ethnic criminal groups are formed. Plus the cult of power, especially the mentality, the complexity of adaptation in the new socio-cultural environment…

All this and much more together leave their mark, — explains the «Free press» President of the Center for research of global issues of our time and regional problems «Caucasus. World. Development» Said Sirazhudinov. In such conditions takes place, and merging with radicalism: as a rule, among the migrants instead of integrating into a new environment is observed, on the contrary, group solidarity and interdependence, as well as the increasing radicalization and increasing Islamization.

But migrant refugees have always been very different from those who left because of professional migration (they have the goal of further self-realization and development): ethnicity does not matter here, and there is no group dependence.

Dana Tessen

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