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One “Triumph” Erdogan little Turkey is going to participate in the production of s-500 “Prometheus” together with Russia


Moscow and Ankara can start joint production of s-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile systems, which have not even begun to enter the Russian Armed forces. This statement was made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

At a meeting with young people in Istanbul, according to Turkish media, the head of the Turkish state once again confirmed that the purchase of s-400 systems from the Russian Federation is a “fait accompli” and “deliveries under the contract should begin in July.” Moreover, according to him, “after the S-400 it will be about the S-500, including their joint production.”

At first glance, there is nothing sensational in this news. Actually, back in March, Erdogan announced the topic with the S-400 closed. In the sense that Turkey, as he then put it, “in any case” will not give up the acquisition of Russian “Triumphs”. Despite serious disagreements with the US on this issue. And then he did not rule out that in the future may consider options for the purchase of the next generation of anti-aircraft missile systems — S-500. Allegedly earlier he even had a conversation about it with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, now Erdogan declares not just the desire to acquire more advanced anti-aircraft missile systems and the readiness of his country for the joint production of “Prometheus”. This fundamentally changes the case. And really puzzling. After all, even in the case of “Triumphs”, it is under the terms of the contract is not about such cooperation. Only — the supply of the Turkish side of the four divisions of the S-400 for $ 2.5 billion. By the way, due to the Russian loan.

In addition — an essential detail: Turkey, though now our partner in Syria, it is also a NATO country. And that is why it is strange to allow it to the most advanced of our military technologies, which we have just started to implement for ourselves.
One "Triumph" Erdogan little Turkey is going to participate in the production of s-500 "Prometheus" together with Russia

Wouldn’t such “integration” be a big strategic mistake on our part?

— When Erdogan was just beginning to talk about the possibility of purchasing our S-400 systems, he also offered to produce them together on its territory, — commented the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of missile and artillery Sciences, captain of the first rank retired Konstantin Sivkov. — This condition was put forward. However, we did without it. I think the same thing is about to happen.

The s-500 is the latest fifth-generation anti-aircraft missile system with unique characteristics. Allow Turkey to manufacture even the export version of the complex, even some composite parts, is unacceptable.

This is a NATO country. Besides, today Turkey is with us, tomorrow — not with us. It does not have a clear line to an Alliance with Russia. It supports situational relationship with us, but at any moment can be reoriented.

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An example of this is the fact that Ankara has not yet recognized Crimea as Russian territory. Plus, let me remind you how recently, during the next round of tension due to the Ukrainian provocation in the Kerch Strait, a Turkish frigate was part of a permanent NATO naval group in the Black Sea.

So, I do not think that Ankara will be given the opportunity to buy the s-500 from us in The near future.

“SP”: — What means, “in any time soon”?

— First of all, these systems will need to be brought to mind and start supplying our Armed forces. It is necessary to create a marine version of the S-500. Since this complex consists of the naval formations have the potential to radically change the balance of forces at sea in our favor. And then only to develop an export version, and only this simplified version all ready to deliver. Naturally, she will be degraded, and essential performance characteristics.

And the fact that the Turkish leader made such a statement is understandable. It is necessary for Erdogan to maintain his authority…

“SP”: — Then how to understand the recent statement of the head of roasted Sergei Chemezov that Russia will welcome Turkey’s desire to join the project to develop the Russian s-500 anti-aircraft missile system?

— How the level of partnership can be different. The Turkish side, for example, may be given the opportunity to produce tires for the s-500 launcher. Or other “non-critical” elements. But, of course, no one will give them electronics, missiles, guidance, and fire control systems. But there is another aspect that worries me.

“SP”: — What?
One "Triumph" Erdogan little Turkey is going to participate in the production of s-500 "Prometheus" together with Russia

— Today our political elite, to be honest, is very unstable. The internal resource of maintaining stability is largely exhausted — both ideological and political. And in particular — material. Some are therefore trying to find a way to somehow enlist the support of other countries in case Moscow will be all for them quite uncomfortable.

In this context, it is necessary to consider the talks about the transfer of the Kuril Islands to Japan.

And an option with S-500 and Turkey too. You remember how in Yeltsin’s time the treacherous elite of Russia handed over all our secrets. These people are still here. A number of them are still in power. That is cheating may be. And Frank, and, so to speak, hidden. Therefore, I have no doubt that the pressure of our President is intense in this regard.


Accordingly, there will be attempts of this kind… I mean the scandal with the Director of the main research Institute of Roscosmos Yaskin, who recently fled the country after learning about the large-scale verification of the activities of his unit. Someone let him go abroad. But the Director of this research Institute is necessarily a carrier of secrets. Moreover, our latest secrets in the field of space technology.

If the FSB knew that he had a snout in the fluff and still allowed the departure, then I have a big question to our Federal security service. The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin recently admitted that in Roscosmos “billions are stolen”. I would like to ask: who allows?

— I’d like to get an answer to that, too. And how it happened that three high-ranking officers of the FSB “surpassed” even the infamous Colonel of the interior Ministry Zakharchenko. In fact, 9 billion rubles were seized, those 12 billion.

You see, these people are supposed to protect our secrets, our national security. We can see how they do it.

Director of the research center “middle East-Caucasus”, Turkologist Stanislav Tarasov, in turn, does not exclude that Erdogan’s statement, it is rather a message of a certain kind in the direction of Washington:
One "Triumph" Erdogan little Turkey is going to participate in the production of s-500 "Prometheus" together with Russia
— The fact that the Turks were always in the grip of the conditions that exposed them to the Americans — and other NATO countries — for the supply of weapons. Many weapons Turkey did not actually control, but they were present on its territory. This applies, for example, to the American Patriot anti-missile systems. After all, Washington refused to sell these complexes to Turkey.

Turkey felt its vulnerability and dependence on these positions. Until a certain time, I suffered — until I realized that it plays a special role in the Middle East region.

The second point: the Turks, of course, began to put pressure on the United States. The more that Russia was offered a lucrative contract for s-400. Indeed, in the contract for the sale of the SAM, there is no clause stipulating the joint production of complexes in the future. However, at the level of oral negotiations between the military departments and the military-industrial complexes of the two countries, the topic is exaggerated. And, as a matter of fact, does not meet rejection from Russia.

Thus, Turkey, on the one hand, using this rhetoric, puts pressure on the US, demanding that Washington give it at least the patriot technology. On the other hand, of course, there is certain bargaining. Americans are by all indications the party loses.


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