It so happened that most people did not notice that in the «beautiful new world» the world war began. So far, trade, but one of the parties it is perceived as a total war, where so far barking «guns» and draw the sky traces of «cruise missiles» trade sanctions and prohibitions. The unthinkable has happened in the world. Something that has never been in world history. The strongest state in the world started a trade war against a commercial company. That indicates that «the strongest state» perfectly realizes that catastrophically lags behind in a number of areas. And sooner or later it will become an ordinary country, albeit rich, without the usual and total domination in the world.

At some point, the United States realized that they have at hand grew a monster that eventually can them if not eat, but move. Instead of polluting factories territory yellow-faced American slaves suddenly appeared strong, rapidly developing China, which in some areas ahead of the United States for a period of 2 to 5 years. In our rapidly developing world, it is almost an eternity.

When the United States realized that Huawei is the third(!) patents on 5G technologies, which will determine the infrastructure, information and technological development of countries in the coming decades, then made every effort to destroy this company. In addition, most of the contracts for the construction of 5G infrastructure in other countries are signed with Huawei. And us President and us officials are absolutely honest about calling this Chinese company a threat to our national security.

Who owns the information — he owns the modern world. The US surprisingly suffered for a long time that the Chinese have finished Android on smartphones so that the data series did not go habitually to the NSA and Google. But to allow much of the world’s 5G infrastructure — and that’s smart homes, and smart cities, and AI-autopilot cars, and managed roads, and medical, and banking, and exchange technology, and unmanned drones, both police and combat, and much, much more — the US simply can not allow another country to control it all around the world. In the US, investors are already throwing in, not even counting the billions of dollars in companies that are somehow connected with the new era of 5G. This technology will provide economic growth, new jobs, new applied technologies, new companies, and new opportunities for the same Amazon, Uber, and so on.

A prosperous world in the US version is America, which contains all the technologies, all the innovations, all the patents, where all the promising research is conducted, where the most advanced weapons are, where only they have access to space and the most advanced technologies in the energy sector. And the rest of the world in the mode of chaos or conditionally prosperous Islands of the third world. And Europe, too — by the way, Europe’s politicians have started it is very good to understand because despite the direct threats to the United States continue the cooperation with Huawei and continue the construction of «Turkish» and «Northern» streams.

The world will be either multipolar, competitive and diverse. Or it will be an extremely gloomy place with constant regional wars, total us superiority, which will take away from other countries any technology or opportunities that can give technological development or lead to growth in the economy.

The US has already destroyed Europe’s ability to build its smartphones and build its operating systems and social networks. When they introduced Stephen Elop to Nokia, they consistently destroyed the development of Symbian, Maemo, Meego operating systems. Then Microsoft bought Nokia’s patents. And the US destroyed the most powerful European player in the production of phones. A bit like Japan did with Ericsson, having bought the development and patents of the European company with the help of Sony. It is logical that Japan, as a vassal of the United States performs the tasks set by the suzerain.

What did we get in the end? Practically an information dictate from the USA. There are only Microsoft Windows and Mac OS for desktop systems. Open systems exist, but they occupy a meager percentage of the world’s distribution. Android and iOS mobile systems. There are no alternatives. If you want special services of the USA to have no problem getting access even to cloud-related accounts on these operating systems, though to the actual devices. Welcome to a beautiful new world.

And only the Chinese gradually began to change the rules, to redo Android on their phones, to install worldwide communication equipment without American backdoors-s, as the United States stood on its hind legs and said that they are here the most terrible Sheriff with the widest hat, with the biggest colt, and the rules are determined only by them.

And this is their biggest mistake. Which will eventually lead them to defeat?

The Americans have already shown that they cannot be trusted in politics. The example of once friends of the USA Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, not to mention Yugoslavia, made many politicians in all countries of the world think. How they destroyed Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s political career with sexual scandals, none of which could be proved, just because Dominique Strauss-Kahn was an opponent of the dollar as the world reserve currency and had a good chance to become President of France.

But this is politics. The high Empyrean. And money loves silence. The big business made money and did not pay much attention to all these wars — except that earned billions on this chaos.

And then on May 16, 2019, at 4 am, without declaring war, the United States announced that Huawei is a threat to America’s national security. The US accuses Huawei is that it keeps track of the users and transmits the data to the government of China. Instead of tracking users in favor of the US and transmitting data to the NSA and us government. Naturally, this is a threat to national security.

It came to the point that the United States connected the diplomatic corps, ambassadors and diplomats, involved loyal foreign politicians who held private meetings with representatives of operators, telecommunications, IT-companies and persuaded, and sometimes threatened, demanding to abandon Huawei products. The United States has used all its administrative resources around the world.

In fact, right now the US are making all the state forces to destroy the manufacturer’s number 2 in the field of smartphones and the No. 1 manufacturer in the field of technology and infrastructure for 5G. And don’t intend to stop.

Interestingly, in this confrontation with Huawei, the US has actually lost. An incredibly large number of countries, which de jure and even de facto are considered allies of the United States, refused to break off relations with Huawei, as a manufacturer of infrastructure communication equipment, especially in the field of 5G. The UK has imposed quite strict restrictions, but has not closed the market completely for Huawei — Britain wants to be in the era of 5G one of the first. Germany generally ignored the menacing shouts and orders of the United States. I note that in recent years, that with the «Nord stream — 2» that c Huawei Germany more and more shows independence and simply brazenly turns his back to the United States. That was simply unimaginable ten years ago. Namely, other members of the European Union are guided by Germany.

The US didn’t even know what processes are launched, arranging nothing overt, a bandit attack on a major world company. Now, many manufacturers and many countries will think about not tying phones to Google services, once they can be disconnected from the fleeting whim of the United States, there will be new app stores that will destroy the Google model in relation to games and applications, many countries will begin to create their operating systems. For example, a mobile operating system, according to the Chinese, they have been designing since 2012, and this year, since Google decided to go on about our government, this mobile system will already appear in the phones of Chinese manufacturers. Russia, too, has been creating its mobile operating system for several years based on the developments of European creators Symbian and Meego.

In China, Apple sales fell sharply. In social networks, there are even public discussions about the replacement of Apple smartphones to any other smartphone. There is a mass discussion about the boycott of American products in principle. This is a matter of human dignity and national pride. The Chinese felt very well that they were declared war. And if it were not for nuclear submarines, aircraft carrier groups, advanced aviation, strategic nuclear weapons, trains-carriers of ballistic missiles, a large number of thermonuclear means of destruction of mine placement, the United States would have shaken in the UN Security Council with a tube of white powder, and not only would have unfairly accused China of some spy technology and spy chips, which have not found in Chinese equipment, but highly likely confident in their existence. If China did not have sufficient defensive potential, its territory would have already been targeted by democratic cruise missile strikes and humanitarian bombardments.

And do not forget that the Apple production chain is located in China. So it is extremely likely that Huawei smartphones will be pushed out of some markets, but China’s domestic market will provide an opportunity for the company to stay afloat and continue to expand into the world with 5G-equipment. With the massive abandonment of Apple products in the domestic market, it will even ensure the growth of Huawei sales. But one American company, if China does exactly the same as the US, and hits the production chain of Apple, may simply disappear from the map of the world, because the iPhone for the Cupertino company is the main product.

So far, China has not responded. The Chinese don’t like to hurry. But it is clear that the answer will be painful for the United States, and no surrender, as Americans expect, will not. The world has changed. But they didn’t notice it, or didn’t want to notice it.

Dana Tessen

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