Natural anomalies-2019: Putin and Moscow attacked vipers

Natural anomalies-2019: Putin and Moscow attacked vipers

Natural anomalies-2019: Putin and Moscow attacked vipers
The other day in the Stupino district of Moscow aggressive snake bit 12-year-old boy who walked in nature. From pain, the student screamed. To help him rushed the elders. As it turned out, the boy was partly to blame, as the purpose of his trips with friends have been searching for and catching snakes. The guys knew that the creeping creatures live in the ruins of an ancient fortress near the village Settlement, and therefore dared to go on «hunting». As a result, one of the «hunters» himself became a victim of an aggressive reptile at a time when a teenager, seeing an unknown snake of dark color, tried to grab her. In response, the wriggling reptile in his hands grabbed the boy’s finger.

Friends quickly tore off the predator clinging to the finger. Thinking it was a snake, they immediately brought a friend to a medical facility. However, the fears of the guys were in vain: no deterioration of health and even just swelling on the hand of the boy was not observed. However, just in case the student was injected with an antidote — serum. At all, this spring in Moscow parks and Moscow region there is, as, however, and in previous years, invasion of snakes — in primarily, vipers, which have come the marriage season. As a rule, Nicholas adder and common adder. And both of these species are poisonous.»Meanwhile, these suburban reptiles scaly squad are listed in the Red book. And their murder is an administratively punishable act, — note in the Ministry of the ecology of the Moscow region. — For the destruction of this red book, animals can be fined up to 3000 rubles. If an official is accused of such an offense, he will be fined 20-30 thousand, and the legal entity will pay up to 200 thousand rubles. That is why when meeting with a creeping predator, it is best to seek help from the administration of the district, whose officials are obliged to protect citizens by organizing the catching of snakes.»

According to experts-herpetologists (those who are engaged in amphibians and reptiles), just now vipers and other snakes in the midst of the mating season, during which they become the most aggressive. So to behave when meeting with these reptiles should be very careful and should not show aggression. «The most important thing is to always look where you go. Snakes attack only when protected — recommends the Chairman Of the Forestry Committee of the Moscow region Ivan Advisers. — It’s better not to approach them or make any sudden movements.» It should also be borne in mind that under normal conditions, snakes never attack people first. They become aggressive if they are disturbed: for example, accidentally step on them when they bask in the spring sunshine that often occurs in these warm Sunny days. But now, during the mating season, citizens need to be especially careful.

As a rule, the Viper has a gray, gray-blue, black, brick or olive-green color with a black zigzag pattern along the entire body. Long it happens about 70 cm was reported to the first signals about the mass emergence of snakes came from Dubna, near Moscow. There, walking with a dog in the area of Tyapkin Peak, one of the locals found a whole brood of creeping creatures. Not even one. According to dubnentsev, in this area in the spring is always a lot of snakes, including in the city. The whole invasion of reptiles is also observed at the Moscow canal, in Bitsevsky Park, Troparevo, Khimki and many other areas of Moscow and the Moscow region.

But there were cases when creeping reptiles got into the yards and even apartments. For example, last summer the snake was found in the yard of the house № 45 on Leninsky Prospekt. One and a half meter reptile basking in the tree in the rays of sunlight. And Crescent, previously the mistress of one of the apartments in an apartment building on Volgogradsky Prospekt found in the bathroom, discarded skin of a serpent, which apparently was hiding somewhere in the apartment. And indeed, called rescuers searched the house and caught a reptile.

Herpetologist Ivan Ermolov warns Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region that a snake bite can be very dangerous for elderly people, those who suffer from allergies, as well as children. «In that case, if you do not know what kind of snake you met on the way, try not to come into contact with her,» concludes the expert. And although the bite of a Viper for the average healthy person is not deadly, still, in certain pathologies of the body, it can provoke a very serious deterioration of health and even health problems. «If you are bitten by a snake, you need to urgently see a doctor or immediately call an ambulance. In this case, until the doctors arrived, you need to move as little as possible so that the poison is less actively absorbed and spread throughout the body. And if you have the opportunity, it is necessary to take antiallergenic and antihistamine drugs, — advises medic Elena Ledeneva. — Otherwise, there may be swelling at the site of the snake bite because the venom of the Viper destroys the red blood cells.» In addition, after a bite, redness, and fever, severe increasing pain (including headache), nausea, dizziness can develop. And two percent of Viper bites (according to statistics) leads to fatal cases.

What if you are bitten by a snake? Treat the wound with disinfectant. If medical care is not expected in the near future, it is necessary to suck the poison from the wound within 20 minutes after the bite. In this case, do not cut the wound or burn the bite with hot objects or acids. Just fix the bitten part of the body in a stationary state. And it is not necessary to apply a tourniquet above the bitten place or cut away the wound with medicines. Categorically, you can not take alcohol — it is best to drink a lot of water or sweet tea. And remember: if you do not touch the snake and will not provoke it, it certainly will not show your aggression. And you will remain unharmed.

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