«Mole» Batko: Why Lukashenko unleashed his KGB FSB Russia

«Mole» Batko: Why Lukashenko unleashed his KGB FSB Russia

"Mole" Batko: Why Lukashenko unleashed his KGB FSB Russia
By the standards of the Belarus event out of the ordinary — the arrest of the Deputy Secretary of the security Council Andrei Vtyurin and General Director of «Beltelecom» Sergei Sivodedov made a lot of noise and was the occasion for discussions and statements of all kinds of assumptions about what will follow. Official explanations were not followed, except that it became known about the decree of President Alexander Lukashenko of April 24 (the arrest was announced on May 3) on the dismissal of Vtyurin «for misconduct discrediting the rank of soldier», expressed in the receipt of 148 thousand dollars from a Russian company for the promotion of its interests in Belarus. Sivodedov was charged with receiving a bribe of 15 thousand euros «for assistance in the supply of telecommunications equipment» — also from a certain Russian.

In General, it is quite natural in all this history that can be traced «Russian trace», which is actively discussed now in the Belarusian community. In addition to the former security chief of President of Byelorussia Andrei Vtyurin credited with plotting the murder of Lukashenka and the organization of the coup government. Well (as without it?) point to its close cooperation with the Russian FSB and for some reason still with FSO (Federal security service which is engaged in safety of the top officials of the Russian Federation). Vtyurin, who worked in the Security Service of the President of Belarus for almost 20 years and was a member of Lukashenka’s family, was hastily called a «mole» and a foreign agent. At the same time in the law enforcement agencies of Belarus for some reason believe that Tyurin was not a classic spy, recruited or embedded agent, and the transfer of information was part of his «regular» duties, before that his predecessor was engaged. Contacts between the security services of Russia and Belarus, where the abbreviation of the KGB remained, never stopped, just as in military cooperation, through intelligence, — says the historian of the special services Anatoly Prokopiev. — It should be understood that we have, among other things, a Union state with Belarus, which has a single governing body. And if in matters of the economy there is some disagreement on intelligence matters there is complete understanding and cooperation. To spy on each other makes no sense, and even more to implement some of the agents. So the accusation against Andrei Vtyurin in his alleged «espionage» activities at least absurd, the more that it is known that he is not a professional intelligence officer and the FSB is not exactly. In fact, President Alexander Lukashenko himself does not make such accusations against him.

Another version of the reasons for the current arrests in Belarus is Lukashenka’s small revenge for the oil conflict with Russia, Putin’s intransigence in pricing policy. But if the elimination of the General Director of «Beltelecom» Sergei Sivodedov for such a symbolic even for Belarus the number of bribes (a little more than a million rubles), still somehow can be explained — «Beltelecom» is the largest telecommunication operator and broadcasts to the Republic all the major Russian TV channels, here with Andrei Vtyurin not all clear. He has always been considered a confidant of Lukashenka and even if he was caught on a bribe, he could have avoided public flogging. Moreover, Moscow the fact of his arrest by and large of little interest — their embezzler’s Colonel in uniform enough. And if Putin made a concession and recalled from Minsk his Ambassador to Belarus Mikhail Babich, who, according to Lukashenka, «went too far», he hardly even heard about the name of the «guard» Vtyurin.

Now in Belarus, and not only in it, but any steps and actions of Alexander Lukashenko are also considered through the prism of the upcoming elections. Minsk believes that batska may decide to go for the seventh term, and for this will look for reasons to improve its rating. The fight against corruption in the country is also on this list. Recently, the campaign against corruption has been strengthened, because things are not very good in the economy, — we quote the words of the political observer of the information company «BelaPAN» Alexander klaskovsky. — And the next presidential elections are already being called. Therefore, it is possible that the case of Vtyurin and Sivodedov will simply pass as the next stage of the fight against corruption. Some sources claim that actually, the same Vtyurin detained for the fact that he had too close ties with the Russian intelligence services. Even if we assume that under this conspiracy there is some real kidney, then, probably, the Belarusian leadership is not interested to advertise that the tentacles of the Russian special services have penetrated so far.

Back in mid-April, Lukashenka said that the arrests of corrupt officials would continue. «There is no need to suffer that Lukashenka has transplanted. Behave normally, do not steal from people, do not steal from the state,» he said during his speech with a message to the people and the National Assembly. It is likely that the current arrest of «FSB agent» Vtyurin Lukashenka decided to show that he would not spare even his own.

Dana Tessen

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