Millionaires massively leave Russia

Millionaires massively leave Russia

Millionaires massively leave Russia

Last year, seven thousand dollar millionaires left Russia. Our country is second only to China in terms of the outflow of rich people.

The study global Wealth Migration Review consulting company New World Wealth, indicated that Russian millionaires often leave for permanent residence in Australia, USA and Canada, writes «»

In the ratings of millionaires leaving for emigration, Russia is in second place. The leadership belongs to China — 15 thousand millionaires, in third place India — five thousand millionaires, and the fourth -Turkey, where four thousand rich emigrated.

The number of Russians-dollar millionaires from July 2017 to July 2018 increased by 40 thousand people to 172 thousand, wrote «URA.RU». At the same time, 10% of the richest residents of the Russian Federation own 82% of the country’s personal wealth. The leaders of the rating by the number of millionaires remain the United States (5,285 million), Japan (3,162) and Germany (1,365).

Dana Tessen

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