We ran all its power: cut off from Google and other electronic systems, from the production of processors — the heart of the phone. Only dollars are not banned, but it is not far off.

This is a moment of truth for believers in the honesty of the market, whose invisible hand will settle everything. With an honest market, Huawei wins — which means you need to distort and pull the fifth ACE out of the sleeve, says the logic of real capitalism. This is a great lesson for us. Now we see that if Soviet Russia, with all its advantages, has not coped with the competition, it is not because of the weakness of the socialist model, but because the US and Europe did not want and do not want that in Russia and China — Communist or capitalist — people lived freely, at their discretion, without regard to the Washington regional Committee.

Now the US is trying to strengthen its hegemony completely non-market methods — block China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and Russia, countries with different ways. Iran and Venezuela want to quietly sell their oil, China — their phones, none of these countries do claim to be America, does not refuse to accept the dollar, does not boycott American goods, does not capture American ships on the high seas, but this modest autonomy does not suit the hegemon.

If the Soviet people had understood this in the 1980s, it would have been possible to avoid the very difficult years of transition to Western standards. But what to regret about the past — it can not be undone. The Chinese have integrated into the Western system and are now convinced that above a certain level they do not want to let. To do a cheap rattle for poor whites of America — Yes, and to compete in 5G networks — no.

But the Chinese have a large margin of safety. In those times, when Washington was waving the nuclear club, and General MacArthur demanded to bomb Beijing and Shanghai, Chairman Mao called nuclear threat to the United States a paper tiger. The paper tiger is a terrifying-looking tiger made of paper and papier-mache, which the Chinese wear and hang out on the streets on new year’s day and on all occasions. Children’s toy, in General. And you know, it worked. Instead of being afraid and hiding, the Chinese repulsed the American invasion of Korea and then did not shy away.

Now is the time to recall the words of the late Chairman Mao. The US with all its threats is a paper tiger. Their aircraft carriers are rusty vessels that have not been repaired for many years. Instead of repairing, they made toilets suitable for women and transvestites. This, of course, wonderful, but great destructive power, these toilets are not detected. The gigantic us military budget — more than the military budgets of all other countries in the world — is mostly being revealed. The Pentagon could not show where the trillions of dollars had gone. There is no certainty that American missiles are flying, American guns are firing, and us military — mostly mercenaries from third world countries — are willing to sacrifice their lives.

American universities — as it turned out, they come for bribes or a quota for people with the right skin color and the right gender orientation.

American technology is obsolete. The American infrastructure is rotten to the core. Americans are unhappy with both their government and their way of life.

They still have the ability to threaten and print dollars. But threats only work up to a certain point. And dollars are just colored wrappers if they are not taken.

The Chinese report that in Russia they are sympathetic to the problems of Huawei. Ready to buy their technology. Indeed, it is not at a loss, but without tearing now Russia can cooperate with Chinese electronic giants and oil producers in Iran and Venezuela.

Much depends on the position of Europe — a continent still occupied by Anglo-American troops, although many years have passed since the last war. In Europe, growing forces demanding independence from the Washington regional Committee. The desire to buy Chinese equipment, Iranian oil, and Russian gas coincides with the desire to get rid of the American neoliberal dictatorship.

The countries of the world need to get rid of the American tentacles — from the mechanism of interbank payments, from operating systems, from the dollar, from some standards. Much has been done in this regard in recent years. Conflict with Huawei highlights, like a spotlight, American clues. Now Microsoft has decided to follow Google against China. The myth of free competition and the hand of the market is collapsing before our eyes. It’s not bad — it’s time to say goodbye to Microsoft and Google, too closely related to intelligence.

Although Americans say that Huawei devices are associated with Chinese intelligence, in fact, they are dissatisfied with the Chinese manufacturer precisely because it refuses to build a «back door» (backdoor) for American spies from the NSA. European countries also want to get rid of American surveillance.

Russia is the only great power capable of opposing the American Empire in the military aspect. Russia spends less but less. She may not be afraid of the American paper tiger.

Russia tried to delay as much as possible the conflict and the head-on collision with the United States. So did China and other independent countries. This is the correct tactics. Time doesn’t work for Washington. But don’t this tactic turn in axiom strategy. There will inevitably come a time when the US will go too far. In the experience of the past, Americans are retreating when faced with a determined opponent. But determination is the most necessary quality. Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba beat the American aggressor, and this historical memory should help Moscow at this dangerous turn.

Dana Tessen

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