Merkel was lost in time and told about the trembling

Merkel was lost in time and told about the trembling

The world was concerned about the health of the German Chancellor last week. The malaise was repeated twice at official events.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the recent tremor attacks that occurred during official events. She told about it in fields of the summit of the Big twenty in Japanese Osaka, reports on June 29 the German edition of Bild.

According to Merkel, at the moment there is no reason for concern: «I am Sure how it happened and will pass.»

Journalists have paid attention that at a meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin Merkel was lost in space and time. Last week in Berlin at a meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky Chancellor began to shake while listening to the anthem. Then Merkel explained her condition by dehydration.

A week later, at a meeting with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the attack was repeated. Detail to the material in Merkel’s new attack: that health of the Chancellor.

Dana Tessen

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