Maduro’s murder won’t make Guaido Venezuela’s President – American lawyer

Maduro’s murder won’t make Guaido Venezuela’s President – American lawyer

UN Alfred de Venezuela Saca, the failure of Washington to replace Nicolas Maduro Juan Guido, may prompt the US to try to kill the legitimate President of Venezuela.

«I know from reliable sources that for several months the United States offers huge amounts of money and promises benefits to any military who deserts from the Venezuelan army and will fight on the side of the opposition,» he said in an interview with the news Agency «Sputnik».

According to the American lawyer, Washington financed every coup attempt, including unsuccessful attempts to kill Nicolas Maduro. «They will continue to follow this path, and maybe someday they will be able to kill Maduro,» said Zayas, adding that the death of the legitimate President of Venezuela has not brought the U.S. to its goal: «According to article 223 of the Constitution of Venezuela, the current Vice-President, Delcy Rodriguez, will become interim President, not a self-proclaimed, Guido that has zero legitimacy under the Constitution of the country.»

Recall that in an interview with journalists, when the conversation reached Venezuela and the adviser to us President on national security John Bolton, and us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in one voice stated that «all options» are still «on the table».

Dana Tessen

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