Kiev will give the US the secret of the Russian «hypersound» Ukraine disclaims any responsibility to keep the military secrets of the Soviet era

Kiev will give the US the secret of the Russian «hypersound» Ukraine disclaims any responsibility to keep the military secrets of the Soviet era

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decision on the country’s withdrawal from the two agreements in the framework of the CIS on mutual ensuring safety of interstate secrets in the field of legal protection of inventions of the Soviet era and on the methodological comparison and the establishment of a common statistical base of the Economic Union.

The withdrawal from the Treaty on economic statistics, in turn, is associated with the transition of Ukraine to EU standards. With regard to the Treaty on the non-disclosure of secret inventions of the Soviet Union, the relevant document was signed on 4 June 1999 by Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The parties committed themselves to «ensure secrecy with respect to their information about secret inventions <...> created in the former USSR», RIA «Novosti».

It is noted that the refusal to keep interstate secrets about Soviet inventions is associated with the lack of legal relations in this area within the CIS. Kiev believes that the 1999 agreement is outdated.

Thus, the Ukrainian government continued to withdraw from all official CIS treaties. Earlier — from April 1, the basic Treaty of friendship between Ukraine and Russia denounced in autumn ceased to operate.Recall, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the Cabinet to begin the procedure of official withdrawal from the constituent bodies of the CIS. According to him, Kiev will «look carefully» all international treaties concluded within the CIS, and will come out of those in which it will find «at least the slightest inconsistency with national interests.»

In August 2018, the representative office of Ukraine to the statutory bodies of the CIS was closed, at the moment all contacts through the Commonwealth are carried out through the Ukrainian Embassy in Minsk. Since the beginning of 2019, Ukraine has ceased its participation in almost ten treaties of the Commonwealth, including the agreement regulating relations in the defense sphere. In addition, the country withdrew from the CIS coordinating bodies.

Recall that last year there was a scandal associated with the supply of missile technology to North Korea. Then the American newspaper The New York Times in the article «North Korean missile success is associated with the Ukrainian plant» suggested that the achievements of the DPRK in testing an Intercontinental ballistic missile may be associated with the acquisition of engines of the Ukrainian plant «Yuzhmash», which has historical ties with the Russian missile program.

During the cold war, Dnepropetrovsk plant produced a fairly wide range, including military products, for example, engines for the most powerful in the Soviet Arsenal of missiles R-36M (NATO classification — SS-18 Satan). After the collapse of the USSR, Yuzhmash remained one of the main manufacturers of missile systems for Russia, which continued to receive Ukrainian parts and components for its strategic complexes until 2014.

The American newspaper mentioned, in particular, rd-250 engines, which could get to the DPRK. These engines, though developed at the Russian Energomash, were produced at the Ukrainian plant until 2001.

The government of Ukraine article The New York Times criticized and called «provocation». Nevertheless, President Petro Poroshenko instructed the Secretary of the national security and defense Council Alexander Turchinov, the heads of Yuzhmash and representatives of the export control Commission to investigate information on possible deliveries of engines to the DPRK. The results of the investigation are not known.

At the same time, the Americans took the reports seriously enough.

It is worth noting that Ukraine has repeatedly been accused of supplying weapons, including to terrorist groups in the middle East. The legal sale of the Soviet heritage, including aircraft carriers to China — has been in full swing since the early 90’s.

What turns out that now Kiev has the opportunity to legally distribute Soviet military development? It is clear that not in North Korea, it is forbidden to all by UN decision, but there are others who wish. For example, the same Americans who would like to receive such developments in order to catch up with Russia where they lagged behind.

— Ukraine makes decisions on denunciation of documents regulating relations with Russia and the CIS in batches, — reminds news Front columnist, military expert Yuri Selivanov.

— It is impossible to exclude that in one of such packages there was also it. They completely reset the contractual basis of these relations. Starting with a Large Treaty, thereby destroying the basis for the normalization of relations and increasing the level of conflict. That fully meets the main goal of the anti-Russian project Ukraine.

«SP»: — If the invention was kept secret, it seems, some of them related to military technology. What could it be? Documentation on ballistic missiles on the Yuzhmash? What else? Why these secrets were not taken from Ukraine immediately or later, as nuclear weapons?

— It was impossible to take everything out of Ukraine. Nuclear warheads were exported in accordance with international agreements on the nuclear-free status of post-Soviet republics. All the rest remained in the property of Ukraine. And how it is possible to take out documentation which could simply copy?

Surely, we are talking mainly about military technology. Ukrainian mower America are unlikely to be interested. And military developments in the USSR were so advanced that their innovative potential is not exhausted to this day. Example: the Soviet deck fighter Yak-141 30 — year-old today is the pride of the us Navy under the designation F-35B. American company «Lockheed-Martin» bought a package of documents of the aircraft after the collapse of the USSR. By the way, bought in Russia.

As for Ukraine, if there is a good place for the bins, you can still dig up a lot. For example, in Odessa there was a military design Bureau «Aiston», which developed a unique technology of modernization of artillery ammunition for guided missiles with the instantly variable motion vector. At that time (2010) there were no analogs in the world.

«SP»: — Last year there was a scandal associated with the sale of missile technology with Yuzhmash in North Korea. The agreement did not prevent Kiev from «cooking up» on secrets. And before that, in the 90s, China sold Soviet development. What will change now? Will they sell it out in the open? Zoom in?

— I do not think that the scale will increase significantly. The cream of this topic has long been removed. However, doing this local ruling grabber with nizhesrednego education. I assume that if these will be engaged in American specialists, the result may be significant. No wonder that the former Director of the us Agency DARPA, responsible for the development of fundamentally new military technologies in the United States, was included in the Board of «Ukroboronprom» last year.

Do not rule out that under him and the decision was made on denunciation of the agreement on the protection of secrets. This is especially interesting to Americans because they are significantly behind the Russian Federation in some key areas of weapons development and probably would like to reduce this backlog by excavations in the Ukrainian archives. And the purchase of relevant knowledge.

SP: So the Americans can use our technology? For example, those that will allow them to catch up with Russia in some technologies, in particular, «hypersound»?

— Any technologies if they find them (a type of the above technology of the operated artillery shells) for certain — Yes. As for «hypersonic», too — Yes. But only if the elements of this technology, rooted in the Soviet past, were developed in Ukraine.

«SP»: — What other countries may be interested, and how it is unprofitable for Russia?

— Many people may be interested. Like China. But the US rigidly hold Kiev on a short leash. And will not allow you to trade anywhere.

Possible losses and problems of the Russian Federation because of this decision of Ukraine are unlikely to be significant. They started selling these secrets from the first day of their «independence». For example, Ukraine opened for the US a top-secret military satellite intelligence complex near Odessa in 1992.

Although, of course, it all depends on how critical to the vulnerability of modern Russian combat systems will be some American finds in Ukraine. But in General, I would not dramatize this situation. Ukraine sells its military heritage for 30 years, but so far nothing supernatural «on the mountain» has not issued. Unless, of course, has armed China with aircraft carriers…

— The reasons that this is happening right now — two, — says Professor MSU. M. V. Lomonosov, doctor of political Sciences Andrey Manolo.

— First, the Ukrainian government considers its withdrawal from any agreements signed with Russia before as a demonstrative manifestation of hostility towards its Northern neighbor. That is why they withdrew from the Treaty of friendship, the CIS, etc. Apparently, once it came to the Treaty of secrets of the USSR, the other is gone.

The second reason is more serious. Recently, information about the illegal sale by Ukraine of missile engines and North Korean technologies, due to which North Korea managed to make its own carrier, began to emerge EN masse. Since this has become clear, the Ukrainian authorities are trying to somehow protect themselves from the prospect of international criminal prosecution. So break the Treaty on the non-proliferation of military secrets of the USSR. Like, we tore it up and now we don’t owe anyone anything. And come check, secret technology, the Ukrainians sold the DPRK until the moment of cancellation of the contract or after.

«SP»: — What else interesting from the Soviet secrets can appear in Ukraine?

— It can be anything, up to technologies of production of ballistic missiles. The military-industrial complex of the USSR had enormous potential (both scientific, and developmental, and production) in Ukraine. After the collapse of the USSR, all this remained there and was soon sold to the Chinese, Koreans, and Americans by the new Ukrainian Democrats at the cheapest price.

Can Americans be interested in something? Perhaps the technology that allowed us to create our own «hypersound»?

Yeah, maybe. They are actively interested in and continue to be interested in Soviet developments. As for the game of catch-up, the United States has its own hypersonic technology, no less advanced, but they do not PR as we do. «Hypersound» is not an ideal weapon: it has its own difficulties and limitations. Modern war one «hypersound» not win.

«SP»: — Can we somehow stop the spread of the world of Soviet secrets?

— We can’t stop it. The only thing we can answer is to continue to develop our technologies and to ensure a breakthrough in the future with the help of them so that the Soviet technologies stolen by Ukrainians become yesterday. In the field of military development, as elsewhere today, we must work ahead of the curve.

«SP»: — With the advent Zelensky, the policy of withdrawal from all agreements in the CIS, as well as from the CIS, will continue? Or there is already nowhere to go?

— There from everywhere already left, but even if any contract forgot, Zelensky, most likely, will do the same. That is, in principle, nothing will change.

Dana Tessen

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