Kedmi called ridiculous NATO’s plan to wage war with Russia

Kedmi called ridiculous NATO’s plan to wage war with Russia

Kedmi called ridiculous NATO's plan to wage war with Russia
Moscow, May 3. NATO’s plan to wage a land war with Russia in Eastern Europe does not stand up to criticism and it «can not even laugh,» said Israeli expert ex-head of the intelligence service «Nativ» Yakov Kedmi.

He recalled that the command of the Alliance expects to pull the ground forces «on the battlefield with Russia» within 30 days. Kedmi was amazed that NATO does not understand that modern warfare is conducted at times faster. Therefore, it is unclear where the troops of the Alliance will come, because the war will not last 30 days: «Russian missiles will strike at strategic our facilities in the States and all strategic and command points in Europe.» And this will happen, as Kedmi stressed, even before the first enemy missiles will be on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Thus, according to the expert, the first in a possible war between NATO and Russia will be destroyed NATO headquarters together with the Pentagon and our military bases. After that, as he added ironically, it will be very interesting to see how in 30 days the Alliance troops will fight «on the Polish destroyed roads when American tankers cannot pass over the bridges.»

«Moreover, there is no army. According to the Germans, 40% of the Bundeswehr tanks cannot move, and modern tanks there are barely enough for one tank regiment,» Yakov Kedmi stated on the air of Iton-TV.

In early March, political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky told how Russia will nullify the US plans to withdraw Russia’s nuclear strike on Europe. In the event of a threat, he said, the Russian Federation will not hit the locations of missiles, and decision-making centers write the FBA «Economy today».

«If they’re in Washington – it’s Washington. If it razvedrota in Monterey – so she. We know where they are. Hello everyone,» he stressed.

Dana Tessen

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