Japan is confident that the New samurai missile will return control of the Kuriles

Japan is confident that the New samurai missile will return control of the Kuriles

Japan is confident that the New samurai missile will return control of the Kuriles
Analysts suggest that Japan in the shortest possible time, from a few months to a year, is able to multiply its military power. The current «permitted» helicopter carriers (for example, the 16ddh Hyuga ship with a displacement of 18,000 tons) are quite easily converted into aircraft carriers due to the construction of a take-off ramp. Without abandoning the American program of construction of fighters of the fifth generation F-35 (only about 190 aircraft), the Japanese are now brought to mind his «five» Mitsubishi-3, which promises to be better and, importantly, much cheaper than the American counterpart.

It is also recognized that Japanese anti-ship missiles are superior to their American counterparts. Another confirmation of this is the claimed increase in the range of ASM-3 missiles to 400 kilometers, which can be used as ground-to-ship missiles, ship-to-ship missiles, and air-to-ship missiles when placed on patrol and fighter aircraft.

The land of the rising sun is clearly not going to remain a passive observer of possible changes in global geopolitics, and at least in its region is preparing to play a significant role.

The main enemy for Tokyo here is not even Russia, but China, to repel the «possible aggression» of which Japan is actively preparing and increasing the range of its weapons. To the nearest Chinese territory, the distance is much greater than to the Russian, so Japan assumes the conduct of major hostilities at sea and in the air. Hence the redistribution of resources from the land forces of self-defense to the Navy and air force. Not so, as suggested by the Japanese, and without limited strikes on enemy territory, although such actions are prohibited and the current Constitution of Japan.

That is, the purely defensive doctrine of Japan, which provides that the security of the Country of the rising sun is provided by us troops, whose numerous bases are officially here since 1957, is being transformed. Now in Tokyo already want to get its own cruise missiles capable to reach North Korea and China. On range destruction, they may well represent the danger not only for so-called disputed Islands, in the number of which Japan includes Russian Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and habotai, but and the mainland parts of Russia.

We are now talking about a new promising cruise missile with a range of 400 kilometers and a supersonic speed of Mach 3, which is actively developed by the Ministry of defense of Japan. It is assumed that such missiles, capable of destroying both surface ships and ground targets, will be equipped with promising fighters of its own production F-3 and American F-35, which are already in service with the air force of the Japanese self-defense forces. It is argued that such a development will be the first in the country as its own cruise missile, and the plan to create missiles with the brand «Made in Japan» is included in the new defense plan and will begin to be funded from 2020. At the same time, in 2023 anti-ship missiles will be massively supplied to the Japanese air force and Navy.

The basis for the creation of a new private rocket was now passing flight tests anti-ship (ASM) ASM-3, the effectiveness of which the Japanese military questioned due to the small radius of action. Her range is «only» 200 km, but the «peace» of Japan that was not enough, so the warmongering demanded 400 kilometers range, increased speed and carried a payload.

This may be in the near future, but for now, Japan has signed a contract for the supply of JSM cruise missiles to its self-defense Forces with the Norwegian arms company. This PKR is an aviation tactical cruise missile and when placed on the platform of a fifth-generation fighter F-35A can pose a special danger to the enemy. It is known that JSM with an increased range is able to hit targets for 280 kilometers on a low-altitude profile, and more than 400 kilometers on a trajectory in the high-altitude layers of the atmosphere. The speed is subsonic (Mach 0.95), but the rocket is maneuverable, has feedback, which allows it to be adjusted already during the flight, moreover, it is made by stealth technology from composite materials. Power — armor-piercing explosive charge weighing 226 kg, including 100 kg charge in a titanium case with a programmable fuse.

It has not become known whether Japan has agreed to purchase from the United States the proposed batch of cruise missiles AGM-84E SLAM (advanced modification of the «Harpoon»), but it is obvious that Tokyo, among other weapons, relies on missiles of «air-ground» long-range, which only in a relative degree can be considered defensive. The appearance of such cruise missiles indicates that Japan is fundamentally ready to use aircraft to attack the territory of another state or its ships in neutral waters.

Who else is going to fight the Land of the rising sun? With North Korea and China all more or less clear. North Korea has long become a restless neighbor and a little that immediately grabs the remote control of its nuclear weapons. It is no coincidence that the changes in the military policy of Japan involve applying the retaliation (Japan — nuclear-free country), where a cunningly laid a fad — even in the preparation of the North Koreans to attack, even at the stage of filling the rockets with fuel. It’s more of a preemptive strike, not a defensive one.

With China, it is even more difficult — Tokyo is frankly concerned about the growing military power of Beijing, which claims not only to a number of disputed Islands (Senkaku) but also to the undoubted leader in the entire Asia-Pacific region. So creating your own powerful and long-range new cruise missiles — this is a signal to China.

Undoubtedly, the new cruise missiles of the Land of the rising sun will be aimed at Russia. If you read the text of the newspaper Yomiuri, which reported on the development of new missiles, it openly States that their main goal is to return the «occupied» Islands. And it’s not just years of rhetoric about the Japanese «Northern territories», there was also the possibility of the use of force. You can still remember the words of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who not so long ago said that «the return of the southern Kurils will happen in front of the present generation.» This is despite the fact that Moscow categorically does not agree to the point «to return the four Islands», and with Shikotan and Habomai not everything is so simple, at least, the «island business» has not moved from a dead point.

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