In the US storm Barry turned into a hurricane

In the US storm Barry turned into a hurricane

In the state of Louisiana, more than 60 thousand people faced power outages due to the approach of Barry.
Tropical storm Barry, which was formed this week in the Gulf of Mexico, intensified to the hurricane of the first category. It is reported by the national hurricane warning center of the United States on Saturday, July 13.»Barry gained the strength of the hurricane, moving to the coast of Louisiana,» the report said.

It is noted that the wind speed reached 75 miles per hour (over 120 km/h). According to the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, this figure corresponds to the hurricane of the 1st (out of five) category. This means that the elements can cause damage to marine infrastructure, ships in the Parking lot, trees and light buildings.

Forecasters warn of dangerous storm tide, heavy rains, and gusty wind.

Also, the American media reported that in Louisiana more than 70 thousand people were left without electricity due to the approach of Barry. And from Louis Armstrong’s international airport in New Orleans on July 13, all morning flights were canceled.

Earlier, President Donald Trump announced an emergency in Louisiana due to the approaching hurricane Barry.

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