In Germany announced a new initiative on the distribution of migrants

In Germany announced a new initiative on the distribution of migrants

The German authorities are ready to guarantee that the country will take a fixed number of rescued migrants.
The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Germany Heiko Maas announced a new initiative of Germany on the distribution between European countries of migrants who are rescued in the Mediterranean sea. He said this in an interview with the editorial group of RND on Saturday, July 13.

According to him, Germany is ready to «make a significant contribution and guarantee that it will take a fixed number of rescued migrants.»Now we have to go forward with those European countries that are ready to accept refugees – everyone else is invited to participate,» said Maas.

However, the former Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz opposed this proposal. In his opinion, migrants rescued in the Mediterranean sea should be sent back to their countries of origin or to transit camps in order not to send the wrong signals and not to encourage migrants to try to move to Europe.

Recall that the program of distribution of refugees, primarily from Greece and Italy, was adopted in September 2015 by the majority of EU Member States. It provided for the distribution of 160 thousand asylum seekers among the EU countries. Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic voted against this program. As a result, the distribution did not work.

Recently, the issue of the distribution of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean sea has become more acute due to the actions of the Italian authorities, which closed the country’s ports for rescue vessels. And the authorities of Malta give permission to rescue vessels to enter the ports only on the condition that migrants will be distributed among other EU countries.

It was also reported that Italy closed the largest migration-center in Europe, which was located on the island of Sicily.

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