Imitation Russophobic «Maidan» in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0

Imitation Russophobic «Maidan» in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0

Russophobic mass hysteria in Georgia gives the impression of some madness. The whole nation took and voluntarily shot itself in the leg. Being dependent on relations with Russia and the flow of tourists from our country a little more than completely, the country plunged into an abyss of senseless and merciless insults against the «occupiers», which the Russians will not forget now for decades.

While that is typical – insulted, mocked, wrote idiotic placards and burning flags – hundreds of them. This is a professional protester gathered from across the country for the money, it is the youth, firmly sitting on a grants Department of NKO, it is saturated with Russophobia, Georgian reality…

Those who are called «ordinary people» paid for their actions.

Imitation Russophobic "Maidan" in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0

The victims of the riots in Georgia are tens of thousands of Georgians and foreigners who worked for many years in the tourist business of Batumi and Tbilisi. It’s funny and experienced instructors, who took tourists to the mountains of Svaneti and Tusheti, it’s the tour guides who told and showed the tourists the beauty of the architecture of Georgia, those who bought in Batumi apartments and rented them to tourists. These thousands of ordinary drivers, taxi drivers, hotel workers, restaurants. All these people now in one day will lose about half of their income, and a considerable part will lose everything.

In other words, several hundred aggressive homosexuals, both political and the most ordinary – sexual, suddenly ruined tens of thousands of their compatriots. Americans have been trying to turn Georgia into a Transcaucasian «showcase of democracy»for many years. And over and over again successfully prove to everyone that «democracy is the dictatorship of the Democrats». Real democracy as a political system has both disadvantages and advantages. And the main advantage of this system is that the majority of citizens influence their destiny and have the right to political vote. And in order that this right was not undermined, there are such things as parliamentarism, the rule of law, prevention of a violent change of the system and other signs of the developed democratic state.Imitation Russophobic "Maidan" in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0 Democracy, where the minority dictates its will to the majority, moreover, conducts a policy virtually independent of the majority, ignoring all legitimacy and law, where an aggressive crowd of political radicals with the help of the media matyugalnik turns into a «people» – this is not a democracy, but an oligarchic dictatorship. It is this kind of dictatorship that the West has begun to impose around the world in recent decades, and it is becoming more and more like this model. It is quite natural that the West is trying to turn Georgia into a similar «post-democracy». Actually, it was already such in the era of Saakashvili’s dictatorship.

Let me remind you that in 2003 Mikhail Saakashvili came to power as a result of a coup d’état, magnificently called the «rose revolution»by Western propaganda. Eduard Shevardnadze’s political coalition, which gained the most votes in the elections, was removed from power by a combination of «street protests», the treachery of the security forces and international pressure (part of which was Russia’s absurd capitulant position in the person of the then Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov). The legitimacy of the Saakashvili received as a result of «pure groove», is the actual winner as a result of violent revolution. And soon the same scenario with allegedly «nonviolent» protests and coercion to surrender power was applied in Ukraine during the «first Maidan» (which, in turn, gave rise to a second, bloody nine years later).

Imitation Russophobic "Maidan" in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0

The Georgian people paid dearly for this Saakashvili experiment – an imitation of «reforms» entirely on Western grants, and next to them – attempts to turn Georgia into an advanced military Outpost against Russia, when the Georgian army was considered as the equivalent of a mountain division of us army and until the August 2008 war was seriously considered by the Americans capable of defeating the «cowardly and collapsed» army «of the Moscow Empire».Payback for anti-Russian adventure was humiliating and bloody. Fortunately, the Georgian people have found the resources of self-healing and very reasonable get rid of the dictatorship of Saakashvili.

«Oligarchy of Democrats» was replaced by the «democracy of oligarch» – the most prominent businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili. The businessman, who became a politician and headed the Georgian Dream bloc, managed to «restart» Georgia after the ruins left by Saakashvili. «Cold peace» with Russia, warm hospitality towards Russian tourists and investors, the transition from the function of the proxy aggressor to the role of «adequate neighbor». From time to time, some politicians began to remember even such important facts as the Orthodox unity of the two peoples.

And God’s grace descended on Georgia, it bloomed…

Of course, such a regime was not devoid of the usual shortcomings of this type of regime – corruption, petty authoritarianism, ambiguous policy. But all these were trifles in comparison with the exploits of the unlucky «Hitler» Saakashvili, who unleashed the war and used torture in the cellars of the «transparent» police stations.

At the same time, in fact, despite all the reproaches of national radicals, there was nothing «Pro-Russian» in the regime of the «Georgian dream». On the contrary, it was the rule of typical euro liberals – legalization of marijuana, gay parades, voluntary self-colonization against the West. In fact, Ivanishvili and his colleagues only took into account the reality of the existence of a huge and strong Russia in the North, which the clown Saakashvili did not want and could not do. But at its core, the Georgian regime remained the same Pro-American «proxy regime», balancing between Moscow and Washington, taking into account Iran, which invested in Georgia quite actively.

Imitation Russophobic "Maidan" in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0

It was the latter circumstance that obviously led to the current events. Washington, having entered the pre-war training regime with Iran and increasingly spoiling relations with Moscow, besides spoiling relations with Turkey to the limit, again began to need Georgia as a «proxy aggressor». Iranian investments should disappear, the direct geopolitical power line between Russia and Turkey should disappear, Russia should get a full-fledged enemy. The latter is all the more important for the United States that the results of the elections in Ukraine showed that the aggressive potential of the «country 404» is close to exhaustion (which, however, does not prevent the AFU artillery from maiming Donbas residents on a daily basis). Georgia again becomes in demand as a «proxy-aggressor», and its people at the same time no one especially asks. It is here that the solution to the «sudden» and suicidal for Georgia Russophobic hysteria. Nothing «national» in these tricks of professional protesters isn’t present. Two targets.

First, to force Ivanishvili’s regime to leave and give power, not to anyone, but to the international political clown Saakashvili, who is clearly looking for ways to return to Georgian politics. In the course of the current «revolution», the national-radical opposition, in fact, knocks out the surrender of the current Georgian government. In fact, this capitulation has already been signed – the regime agreed to hold elections in 2020 under a proportional system with a zero pass barrier, which will lead to the fragmentation of the Georgian Parliament into many small factions. And this, in turn, prepares the return of «Michiko» and the reign of him or someone of his henchmen.

Secondly, the new regime imposed on Georgia should be radically Russophobic, at the level of the Ukrainian «who does not jump is a Russian». All the tools of the Russophobic political circus should move from Kyiv to Tbilisi, and the reverse transfer of political figures is possible. If we saw Saakashvili the Odessa Governor, we still, maybe, will see any Turchinov the Governor somewhere in Kutaisi.

In fact, the Russophobic hysteria does not so much Express the «true feelings of the majority of Georgians» as it should form them, create a new standard of political loyalty, in which any position other than the cultivation of hatred for the «occupying country» is regarded as a crime. In other words, Georgia is waiting for the horror and moral terror of Ukrainians over the last five years.

Imitation Russophobic "Maidan" in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0

At the same time, the behavior of Bidzina Ivanishvili and his associates shows all the signs of political «self-abuse». In fact, the Georgian authorities have been complicit in both simulated protests and their own overthrow. In creating an atmosphere in which the restoration of saakashvilism will be inevitable, the Georgian officialdom is no less to blame than the opposition. It is too well understood in Moscow, and therefore the immediate aftermath of reprisals – close connections, in fact, the cessation of the tourist flow, more pronounced setting to the economic blockade had been undertaken in response not to the actions of the opposition, and in response to the pandering and playing up Russophobic insanity from the official Georgian authorities.

The only problem is that these tough (almost unprecedented tough – in Ukraine in 2014) actions themselves also spin a spiral of confrontation, not only at the political but also at the social level. The reaction to Russophobia is Georgian phobia – the number of sharp anti-Georgian statements and publications in the Runet is such that it could be decided that at least a Russian plane was shot down over Tbilisi. Georgian phobia is promoted at all levels – from everyday notes about khachapuri to conceptual and impartial analysis of the history of Georgia over the past century. In fact, the image of almost a century-old enemy of Russia is molded from Georgia.

Imitation Russophobic "Maidan" in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0

This is both unfair and not useful. Relations between Russia and Georgia have always been very difficult – suffice it to recall, for example, the blow to the back of the Volunteer army of Denikin inflicted by the Menshevik regime of «independent Georgia». But still, such a factor as the brotherhood of faith and several centuries of Georgia’s existence in the area of Russian civilization and statehood, just like that on the sidelines will not throw. The embittered provincial Russophobia of a significant part of the Georgian intelligentsia, the koshas who imagined themselves the cream of Europe, undoubtedly takes place, but is it greater than the Russophobia of the permanent authors and the audience of the «Echo of Moscow»?The most painful legacy on the Russian side is the traumatic Soviet experience when Georgia was a privileged Republic, perceived as a natural parasite on the body of a poor Russia. But just in recent years, this model began to crumble – Georgia began to earn honestly what it received – and not a penny from above. And this new pattern of cooperation was broken Russophobic borzhomny putsch.

The fact that the attacks on the inter-Orthodox Assembly became the «Aurora’s shot «only proves once again to what extent the American puppeteers consider Orthodoxy as a factor uniting the peoples around Russia dangerous. It is no secret that Washington has made great efforts in recent years to disintegrate the Orthodox world – what is the Fanar split, pseudo-Church madness in Ukraine, the intrigues of the natural «Antichrist» Ambassador Payet in Greece, the » anti-clerical «wave in Russia itself, which is spreading with the support of overseas NGOs, expressed in a nasty Maidan. And the beginning of the putsch in Georgia in connection with the inter-parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy, of course, is not accidental. The Americans do not want Georgians to remember their common Church roots with the Russians and that Orthodox civilization would become a factor of integration of peoples and States.

Imitation Russophobic "Maidan" in Georgia masks America-controlled transfer of power to Saakashvili 2.0

The most reasonable policy for Russia is to give a tough rebuff to specific hostile manifestations, not to plunge into the formation of a conflict pair of «Russophobia–Georgian phobia». On the contrary, Georgians from this circuit, it is necessary to pull out, appealing over their heads and the current Georgian regime and the opposition, and Russophobic street circus to the very trainers, tour guides, taxi drivers, hoteliers, waiters, for which the current hysteria is financial default, and the subsequent phenomenon of Saakashvili-2 – and just death in the crucible of the senseless and ruthless war with Russia. in other words, we need to give Georgia a chance to unite and act as an anti-suicide force. Finally, to realize the opportunities that were previously missed with Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia – to negotiate not with corrupt elites, but directly with the brotherly people, awakening in it the memory of brotherhood.

No doubt, retaliatory psychosis pretty discharges nerves. But stop trying to pay the bills at the Aragvi restaurant. It’s been closed for six months.

Dana Tessen

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