How Ukraine and Soros came up with Trump’s collusion with Putin

How Ukraine and Soros came up with Trump’s collusion with Putin

How Ukraine and Soros came up with Trump's collusion with Putin
Everything seemed to be known about the «Russian intervention» in the American elections. But, it turns out, not all. American independent journalist Colin McMahon decided to dig deeper and came to the tracks of George Soros. In his publication, he talks about the collusion between the Poroshenko government, the Soros Foundation, and the Democrats, which launched an investigation against trump

Investigations into Russia’s interference in the election allegedly in favor of Donald Trump continue to play a Central role in American politics. The report of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller though cooled the ardor of the Democrats but did not avert the threat from the 45th President. The lack of proof of whether trump obstructed justice or not gives rise to new attacks. Democrats have accepted the idea of impeachment, but hope to defeat trump on November 3, 2020. In presidential elections.

Time will tell whether they will succeed. In the meantime, an independent American journalist Colin McMahon decided to dig a little deeper in the «case of Russian intervention» and went on the trail of philanthropist George Soros.

It turns out that the procedure that led to «Raahat» (Russia’s intervention in the American elections), has launched the organization of the Soros Foundation. The story begins in Ukraine. Several American publications, such as the Epoch Times and The Hill, reported that accusations against the former head of Trump’s campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, were launched by Rada Deputy Sergei Leshchenko and Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Artem Sytnik.In March 2017, Sytnik presented a «Black book», which contained documents about the «kickbacks» to Manafort during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. The exposure took place in the Ukrainian crisis media center, created in 2014 by the Soros international Fund «Revival» for the «correct» coverage of the war in the Donbass.
How Ukraine and Soros came up with Trump's collusion with Putin

Received on Manafort compromising Leshchenko gave Alexander Chalupa – activist of Ukrainian origin and a member of the election campaign Hillary Clinton. Chalupa has written to «Black book» on the Yahoo News reporter Michael Isikoff. And 28 April 2016, a Chalupa and Isikoff with 68 Ukrainian journalists spoke at the panel discussion and spoke about the «fraud» of Manafort. The event conducted by the organization of the Open World Leadership Center, sponsored by the Library of Congress, which, in turn, is connected with the Soros Foundation.18 August 2016, Isikoff wrote one of the first articles in the newspaper mention of the word «conspiring with Russia», allegedly by the staff of trump. The next day Manafort left the post of head of the election campaign trump. «Media hype», launched by Yahoo News, flowed into the political mainstream. Through Isicoff, the dirt reached Glen Simpson, a member of Fusion GPS – a company engaged in commercial research and strategic intelligence. Simpson handed over the documents to us Department of justice official Bruce Or, and he launched an investigation against trump codenamed «Cross hurricane».

This whole process became possible and was fabricated by Soros funds. American billionaire began to invest in Ukraine long before Euromaidan, writes the author of the article Colin McMahon. «Soros not only helped to overthrow the government in Kiev but tried to earn large sums thanks to its close ties with the new government Poroshenko,» – said the journalist. The journalist of the newspaper The Hill John Solomon gives further evidence of the role of Soros in «Relegate». He notes that the above-mentioned NABU and the Obama administration worked closely with the NGO «anti-corruption action center» (AntAC). Antec was created by the Obama Cabinet and the Soros Foundation, and the center collaborated with FBI agents working against Paul Manafort.

In short, they have a common chain: the government Poroshenko (NABU) – the Soros Foundation, the FBI. And all of them together dumped Manafort, preparing the impeachment of Trump. Some Ukrainian security forces tried to prevent the activities of Soros organizations. So, the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine Konstantin Kulik during a working trip was going to report to us the Department of justice about the missing $4.4 million in Soros antac. But, as Kulik told a reporter at The Hill, the American Ambassador to Kiev refused to give him a visa to the United States.

The story involving Soros confirms that the investigation of the «Russian intervention» is a project of globalists to prevent the coming to power of people who intend to protect traditional values and be friends with Russia. Although Soros did not manage to deprive the trump of power, the power of Robert Mueller’s investigation to this day limits the space for maneuver of the White House in the Russian direction.

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