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Hitler was going to defeat the Soviet Union in 5 months, the US “took” Russia six months


The United States seriously intends to go to war on Russia. And win. These plans are not written by the tabloid press, sucking “sensation” from the finger. This is evidenced by the report of the Center for new American security (The Center for a New American Security — CNAS). This analytical organization was founded in 2007 by two Orthodox liberals Kurt Campbell and Michelle Flournois to promote and protect American values and interests. For a relatively short time, CNAS has won a huge authority, especially in the ranks of the security forces. Thus, the commander of us Central command, General David Petraeus noted that “CNAS for several years has established itself as a powerful force in think tanks and political circles.”

So, this “powerful force” considered how much America needs to have bombers in order to defeat Russia. That is not to defend against “aggressive” Russia, repelling the attack, and “put Russia in place”, as the United States did in Iraq. That is, the first to start an air war in order to protect American values and interests.

According to estimates of the liberal hawks from CNAS US air force to win will require a minimum of 164 promising strategic bombers Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider. At the same time, this requirement was detailed. 120 B-21s should take an active part in the raids. 20 cars it is necessary to train crews. And 24 aircraft will need Yes replenishment of combat losses. Well, the only thing that certainly pleases in this arithmetic is that the Americans will not attack us today or tomorrow or in the first half of the next decade. Because according to the most optimistic American forecasts, these bombers can reach the initial operational readiness in the second half of the 20-ies. Well, then it will be necessary to build the necessary number of aircraft for the “victory over Russia”.

CNAS also felt that to achieve victory will have to fight for six months.

It is curious that no method of calculation is given. But, it seems, the planned figures were taken as a basis, which decided to adjust upwards. Until now, it was believed that the US air force will be enough hundreds of bombers. But since the “Russian threat” is constantly increasing (more precisely — “Russian psychosis”), then there should be no limit to the need.

All these indifferent conversations, designed to knock money out of us Congress, can result in absolutely meaningless. Everything will depend on the cost of the aircraft. Before the eyes of relatively recent excellent example. Previous development of Northrop Grumman — unobtrusive strategic bomber B-2 Spirit. It was supposed to buy for the US air force 132 such machines. However, the cost of the bomber soared to record levels of 2.3 billion dollars. Because of what purchases were cut to 21 aircraft. Since the same developers intend to make an even more efficient bomber, we should expect an update of the world record value. So all the current talk about the need for 164 aircraft, which do not yet exist, may be meaningless.

However, the United States has three long-range aircraft — B-52, B-1, And B-2. Their total number reaches 170. Thus, as CNAS suggests, 260 aircraft will take part in raids on Russia, given that not all “old-timers” machines are suitable for operation.

This is not the first estimate of the forces that will be required for missile and bomb attacks on Russia. A year ago, speaking to Congress, us air force Deputy Minister for procurement, Lieutenant General Arnold Bunch, Jr., said that for the “nightmarish clash with Russia” a hundred B-21 — is an empty phrase. At least 258 bombers are needed.

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It is clear that the congressmen under no circumstances will increase the number of purchased aircraft by 2.5 times. And that the figure of 164 machines — it will be a major victory for Northrop Grumman and lobbying the Centre for new American security.

It is understandable that the publication of the CNAS report, which refers to the “defeat of Russia”, caused a storm of indignation in the Russian Duma. At the same time, words were expressed that “we have something to respond to any us aggression.”

Indeed, the s-400 is capable of guaranteed to cope with such “invisible” as a multi-purpose fighter F-22 and fighter-bomber F-35. That is, all these beautiful stealth technologies does not greatly affect the ability to detect aircraft ground radar modern air defense. Well, large and low maneuverable bombers are more convenient targets for the S-400, capable of intercepting aircraft at a distance of 400 kilometers.

It should be said that by the time of the appearance of operational B-21 in Russia will already be on duty even more effective systems S-500, the range of interception of air targets they reach 600 kilometers. This means that the vast majority of combat missions of American bombers should be made with the entry into the zone of the Russian air defense. Because the most common and replicated their weapons — planning bombs such as JDAM and AGM-154, whose range does not exceed 130 km. And only a modification of the AGM-154 Extended Range, equipped with a jet engine, is able to fly 560 km. But this is not enough to carry out bombing outside the air defense zone.

However, there is a high-precision missile AGM-158, the latest modification of which has a range of 980 km. However, it should take into account the cost of the missile, which reaches 1 million dollars. In this connection, the number of AGM-158 B is almost two orders of magnitude less than the number of produced planning bombs. And 3 times smaller than the AGM-158А has a range of 370 km. However, the use of “long-range” missiles are unlikely to be sufficiently effective. The “power” of these weapons was demonstrated in April last year in Syria when two b-1 Bombers fired 19 AGM-158 Missiles at various objects. 12 of them were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems. And this despite the fact that at that time the Syrians did not have more advanced s-300 SAMS transferred by Russia this year.

American strategists also need to take into account that by the time of the deployment of all planned B-21s, Russia will create a satellite airspace control system. The relative “invisibility” to radar is easily detected visually from above either by thermal trail running motors.

In conclusion, it should be recalled that Hitler planned to conquer the Soviet Union for a maximum of 5 months, that is, before the onset of cold weather. So this kind of planning is very dangerous. And first of all for the party planning aggression.

In this regard, it is also necessary to say that the United States has built forecasts as to “how long the Kremlin will last”. June 14, 1941, even before the German attack on the USSR, the United intelligence Committee of the United States, came to the conclusion that a maximum of a month and a half the Germans will occupy Moscow. So the absurdity and stupidity of predictions about the fate of Russia — it is in the blood of Americans.


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