Europe in shock: Russia was offended and left, slamming the door

Europe in shock: Russia was offended and left, slamming the door

Europe in shock: Russia was offended and left, slamming the door

The withdrawal of Russia from the Council of Europe will be the Old world a great shock, said the COE Secretary General thorbjørn Jagland. «It may happen soon,» he warned.

In his opinion, the departure of Russia from Europe will be as serious an event like the upcoming departure of Britain. Jagland even used the term Ruxit by analogy with Brexit.

Jagland considers the upcoming elections of the CoE Secretary-General in June, in which Russia will not take part because it is deprived of a vote in PACE, to be a milestone. «There is a danger that Russia will conclude that here in the Council of EUROPE they have nothing to do,» — reasonably anticipates Yangland.

He recalled that the European court of human rights (ECHR) «is the only place where Russia is bound to Europe in court». And if Moscow leaves Europe, » we will see another Russia.» «We will have a new dividing line,» the politician explained.

And he offered a way out — to return to the Russians the right to vote in PACE. «But they can’t just come back. It is necessary, of course, to put forward certain requirements to the Russian side», — said the General Secretary of the Council of Europe. That is, again, a bargain? Cola urine, start again…

It seems that all that Jagland needs is to create the appearance of reconciliation between Europe and Russia, to return us the right to vote in exchange for a contribution to the functioning of the organization, which Moscow has long frozen, causing SERIOUS material problems, and to be re-elected on this «positive» wave. This tactic may well work. Russia is already looking forward to the surrender of PACE and for the sake of triumph in this local issue are ready to rush back into the arms of a very bad old woman to us-Europe. Here, for example, responded to the words of Jagland Senator Konstantin Kosachev:

«It (loss of Russia — a bus.) will be a crushing defeat of the Council of Europe and the European idea of equality of participants and respect for the ideas of democracy for all the peoples of the continent, and not only for the members of the Western integration structures.» We were beckoned, and we are glad.

And who beckoned? Those who are struggling to block Russia’s decision on vital issues. Such, for example, as protection of the Russian population of Donbass. Pace’s call to Moscow to stop supporting our compatriots unmistakably marks them as civilizational opponents of our country.

Or take the same ECHR. Despite the importance of our jurisprudence in this example is relatively fair justice to deny his involvement impossible. Obviously biased decisions of the European court against enemies of «Putin’s regime» — the fact. In addition, appealing to the ECHR, Russia voluntarily submits to Europe.

Nothing prevents Russia to cooperate with Europe tactically: to sell them gas, to develop tourism, and cultural exchanges, but to strategically incorporate completely unique and independent of the Russian civilization in the European context short-sighted, unnecessary and, finally, it’s not profitable for Russia.

Living in Sweden, Russian political emigrant, coordinator of the «Left front» Alexei Sakhnin considers the pan-European structures hostile not only to Russia but to the peoples and countries of the Old World.

— When we speak about all these stillborn bureaucratic superstructures, such as the European Union, OSCE, etc., then no one should be guided by them, of course. Nor Russia, nor Sweden, nor France, no one. They are enemies of Nations, parasites, the product of neoliberal capitalism, which must be destroyed like Carthage.

But in the cultural and civilizational sense of Europe — it’s fine. It is necessary to focus on Europe in some progressive way, in Marx’s Europe. Another thing is that all these speculators from the liberal establishment have nothing to do with this.

But there is no visible, tangible «Europe of Marx». And there is just this liberal establishment…

— Yes, unfortunately. So you don’t have to be involved. Another thing is that the Russian political elite is deeply integrated into this relief of today’s West. In it’s financial, lobbying, in shadow semi-criminal structures. And Russia from participation in these political games as the country, as the people, will benefit nothing.

Moreover, we are now all seeing that the entire infrastructure of the European project is going through a crisis, the causes of which are fundamental. This project has exhausted itself both socially and economically.

Nevertheless, Russian politicians seem to be ready to fall to the boot of the European master again…

— The Russian elite cannot do without the European and wider Western project. Therefore, it will intrigue, integrate and look for a more comfortable position. And Europe, too, can not do without Russia. Sorry for the Crimea is impossible, but to drive too, otherwise, the CE will be left without our contribution. And the whole point of this institution is to feed these parasites.

A specific story with the right to vote of Russia in PACE is reduced to small political bargaining. His fate depends on some backstage agreements, short-term staffing arrangements, political combinations, and Byzantine intrigues. In this, they resemble their Russian «colleagues».

This situation has developed in 1991, immediately after the end of the cold war. The political class on both sides cannot ensure its legitimacy without each other. To do all these guys in the West, if there was no «evil Putin», which justify military budgets, espionage for its own citizens and censorship in the media.

Despite the theatricality of all this, the bombs, which as a result of all these Byzantine intrigues will fall on the heads of the peoples, will be quite real. People in smoldering conflicts are dying now.

According to political scientist Leonid Krutakov, Russia should not hurry to return to PACE even if we are promised to restore the right to vote.

— The civilizational path of Russia may be different, but if your neighbors in the stairwell profess a different religion, you will inevitably have to contact them. At least for garbage collection…

We must understand that a United Europe is an absolutely globalist project, a Washington project. The Brussels bureaucracy has nothing to do with national demands, aspirations, and demands. We have seen this in the refugee crisis. Not to mention the contradictions that arise in the field of defense. Thus, Germany does not fully pay its contributions to NATO, and France pays. At the same time, Germany pays the budget deficit of the Council of Europe.

The non-viability of the project became clear from the moment when the draft unified Constitution was failed. There can be no long-term Alliance between countries if it is based on profit sharing. If there are no common political goals, if they are not voiced, and the population does not approve of them and does not understand why everyone United, then when the problems begin — the economic crisis, each participant begins to count money and ask why everyone United.

It was Europe’s mistake when they first accepted new members — Eastern Europe — and then tried to adopt the Constitution. Poles first of all blocked. It was necessary to do the opposite — to adopt the Constitution and only then expand. But then there would be a conflict with the Americans. We remember that before joining the EU, everyone was obliged to become a member of NATO. What about Russia? We do not get tired of pulling back, though cunning…

— It is more profitable for Russia to cooperate with specific European countries separately. If this is a question of building Nord stream 2, then let’s solve it with the Germans, the French, the Italians — those who are interested in gas supplies. Why should we talk to those who do not Express the opinion of any European economy, but some opinion of a common subject that does not have subjectivity? Do not show disrespect to the European Union. But we must realize that real dialogue is possible only with national administrations.

The European Union is now a mushroom. Beautiful outwardly, but rotten and decaying on the inside. Yes, the procedures there are correct and beautiful, but political Nations and their interests do not arise arithmetically in the elections in the voting process. It is a deep inner meaning, a combination of traditions and time. Yes, there was the Roman Empire, Yes there was the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne, but today’s Europe is rather a German creation. Therefore, Germany is a key partner for Russia.

«If PACE does restore Russia’s rights, should we go back there?

— Of course, you shouldn’t. Not strategically. Moreover, we did not take the first step. They insulted us, have deprived of a voice. Let them deal with each other first. And slapping Russians… Politics is not a religion. You can’t turn the other cheek here. I will humiliate constantly. So it is better, at least, to take a break, coming up with an excuse. And the longer this pause will be, as Stanislavsky, the more sense it will be filled. Obviously, this will create internal stress in the CE. Russia’s falling out of European institutions for Europe raises the question of who they are. The Dominion, a satellite of the USA?

Dana Tessen

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