Erdogan caused Trump a deadly «slap in the face of Janissaries» with the help of Russian S-400

Erdogan caused Trump a deadly «slap in the face of Janissaries» with the help of Russian S-400


Erdogan caused Trump a deadly "slap in the face of Janissaries" with the help of Russian S-400e crisis between the United States and Turkey is in full swing. Washington is extremely dissatisfied with Ankara’s determination to fulfill the terms of the agreement with Russia on the purchase of s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. The first deliveries will begin in the coming months, so uncle Sam has very little time to convince the Janissaries. It seems that it will not work at all, and if it does, then it can be regarded as a miracle.

The fact is that after it became known about the agreement between Moscow and Ankara, the United States, apparently, very angry and in dealing with its NATO ally allowed themselves only one rudeness. They said ultimatums, threatened. At first, there were just claims, then came to insults to Erdogan — called a dictator and the like. Recep Tayyip Erdogan replied in his style — said that the Americans are simply not familiar with the «slap in the face of the Janissaries», which they were able to injure or even kill. At the level of mutual attacks, this conflict did not last long — us lawmakers moved from words to deeds and finally began to push the project of imposing sanctions against Turkey. For some time, this idea was poorly supported, but the closer the delivery time of S-400 becomes, the more willing to punish Erdogan. As a result, the first sanctions are already a reality — as far as we know, the US finally removed Ankara from its F-35, although under previous agreements the Turkish army had to get some copies of these aircraft.

Erdogan caused Trump a deadly "slap in the face of Janissaries" with the help of Russian S-400

But Turkey remains adamant. And it’s not just about integrity and integrity. Just for the Turkish air defense system where it is more expedient to buy Russian complexes. This has recently been written by many local publications. So recently Anadolu Agency published a material, which resulted in the views of many experts and former high-ranking military from different countries.

For example, the former Deputy Commander of the Indian Air force, General Kapil, Claims that the S-400 is now arguably the best complex. American «Patriots» in this case, in principle, are not an alternative at all, since they are significantly inferior to the Russian SAM.

«I am convinced that the S-400 is superior to any other system, including the American «Patriot» — says the Indian General. He believes that offering «Patriot», Americans do not provide enough data about it. This complex manifested itself in a certain way during the Gulf war, then it was modified, but this modification is guaranteed to be inferior to the C-400 on almost all points. According to Kapil Kaka, India, which intends, like Turkey, to buy from Russia S-400, will not have difficulties with the United States, because the countries are not allies in NATO. Secondly, the General has information that New Delhi «at the highest level» held talks with Washington, and all questions concerning any restrictions were removed. However, the Americans are still trying to convince India but do it diplomatically.

The former head of Pakistani intelligence was Espanol hack on the part of the superiority of the s-400 over the «Patriots» adheres to similar positions. In his opinion, our desire to impose its complexes on Turkey and other countries are unlikely to lead to anything good. Based on simple political considerations, the actions of the United States can be equated to an attempt to limit the sovereignty of States. But, in the opinion of Huck, Ankara and New Delhi are unlikely to succumb to blackmail and still continue to seek the acquisition of the S-400.

Erdogan caused Trump a deadly "slap in the face of Janissaries" with the help of Russian S-400

In the case of Pakistan, the situation is special. According to Haka, Pakistan, becoming a non-bloc military ally of America, has achieved nothing. This status proved to be a country useless. At the same time, even at the level of joint exercises, the countries practically do not interact. Based on this, the Pakistani General believes that Washington is not able to somehow influence the potential desire of his country to buy from Russia. In General, cooperation between Moscow and Islamabad in military terms is growing every year. For example, not so long ago a batch of Mi-35 helicopters was sent to Pakistan. According to the representative of the local Ministry of defense Asif Gafur, Pakistan also intends to expand cooperation with Russia in the field of missile DEFENSE and air defense. And now the negotiations on these issues are actively developing.

Erdogan caused Trump a deadly "slap in the face of Janissaries" with the help of Russian S-400

According to our source in the military circles of the Russian Federation, the deal with Turkey can be considered inevitable. According to him, recently our country was visited by a group of the Turkish military, who got acquainted with the complexes and saw with their own eyes exactly those that will be sent to Turkey. Some samples are already fully ready for transportation. The only option for the Americans is a successful provocation against the S-400, located on the Syrian-Russian base «Hamim» in Syria. Of course, no one is going to attack the base, but the US intends to demonstrate the inefficiency of the S-400, using Israel and other allied elements in the region. However, so far it has not been possible to provoke the Russian side. Before the use of C-400, it never came. In most cases, the Russian military and does cost electronic means of suppression. If necessary, shorter-range systems can be used. S-400, our source says, is an extreme case. So the US hardly it will turn out to confound the Russian air defense system.

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