Country of yesterday: China left the US in a dense past

Country of yesterday: China left the US in a dense past

For many years, the United States has considered itself a global technology leader.
And were. You can easily make a long and impressive list of original discoveries and inventions from America — from landings on the moon to the Internet. It was an amazing performance. The US retains leadership, albeit declining, in many areas.


China has risen explosively. Forty years ago, he was clearly a country of the «third world», but has become a very serious and rapidly growing competitor to America. Anyone who has seen today’s China (I recently spent two weeks there, traveling a lot) will be surprised by the ubiquitous construction, quality planning, roads and airports and high-speed rail, a sense of confidence and modernity. Compare that to America’s rotting and dangerous cities, the crowds of homeless, deteriorating education, outdated Railways, deindustrialized Central districts, extravagant power, and crazy armed forces sucking the blood out of the economy like some huge leech, and America will appear as yesterday’s country. The phrase «national suicide»comes to mind.

A common response to these observations from the thunder and lightning patriots is the assertion that the Chinese can not invent anything — only copy and steal. What you can actually see is a combination of rapid and successful introduction of foreign technologies (see Shanghai Maglev below) and the most advanced achievements of science and technology.Here are a few examples from many that could be cited.

«China confirms the creation of children created by the methods of genetic engineering»

Presumably, the goal was to create AIDS-resistant twins. This was done using a CRISPR-Cas 9 — method of editing genes, invented in the West Doudna Jennifer and Emmanuelle Charpentier, but quickly mastered by China. It seemed strange that the goal was to achieve resistance to AIDS, because this disease is easy to avoid. Maybe, I thought, for some technical reason, «inserting» was especially easy.

But then:

«Genetically edited twins in China could «accidentally» improve their brains»

And indeed «accidentally.» Since the researchers recognized that they were aware of the neurological effects of the CCR5 gene in question, the experiment certainly looked like an attempt to increase intelligence. But perhaps not.

And then:

«Chinese researchers introduce the human brain gene into monkeys, making them smarter»

I don’t know if «insert» was actually the effect described. This story may or may not be a fabricated sensation. Interestingly, first, it was an attempt to create intelligence. Second, that it included the «insertion» of the human gene into the (presumably) lower Primate. And third, that the Chinese did it.

«Chinese Corporation Huawei will launch 5G network in Shanghai»

Although 5G is usually touted as an improvement for smartphones, it’s actually much more. And the Chinese seem ready to take a strong hold of it.

«World’s first remote brain surgery using 5G»

Interestingly, China and South Korea are clear leaders in 5G. The US, unable to compete, seeks to ban its European vassals from dealing with Huawei, threatening sanctions. Germany refused to obey.

Huawei’s 5G dominance in the post-American world — Forbes

One can argue about whether Forbes exaggerates the facts. But the fact that China has started out of nowhere, has become a leader in the field of decisive technology, should be a Wake-up call. The fact that America has to rely on sanctions, not on the best technology, only emphasizes this.

«More than 510 000 students are returning to China»

This year alone. A couple of decades ago, Chinese students in the United States often refused to return to a backward country where repression reigned. Now it seems that Asia is the place where the action takes place. And they want to be part of it.

«Chinese trains-bullets rely on mahamoti»

These things are everywhere. In most countries, roads and rails run along the contours of the earth’s surface. And China likes pillars.

Digging underground is expensive and disruptive re-routing of highways through the city destroying homes and businesses. That’s why China takes sky trains. The construction of these roads takes half the surface of the earth. Bridges are built outside the site, and then erected with a special crane.

«China is developing infrared light technology to change the genes of cancer cells»

The team, led by Professor song Yu Jun Of the College of engineering and applied Sciences at Nanjing University, has developed an infrared-sensitive nanocarrier that will be used for the CRISPR-Cas9 Gene editing tool. He has great potential in cancer therapy. The high permeability of infrared light allows scientists to accurately control the gene editing tool in deep human tissues.»

I don’t understand anything about how infrared light works but, as with so many stories coming from China, it doesn’t involve copying.

«China broke the record for quantum entanglement at eighteen qubits»

Having set a new record, pan Jianwei and his colleagues from the University of science and technology of China, Anhui province in Eastern China, demonstrated a stable state of 18 qubits. The previous record of 10 qubits was set by the same team. The breakthrough was made possible by the simultaneous manipulation of the trajectories of freedom, polarization and orbital angular momentum of six photons.

«The speed of quantum computation grows exponentially as the number of qubits in the entangled state increases… reaching 18 qubits entanglement this time set a world record for the largest state of entanglement in all physical systems,» Wang said.

(Noah’s ark was 300 qubits, but (almost) antediluvian technology was lost.)

The Shanghai Maglev train

Date of opening: 31 December 2002

Total length: 30 kilometers (19 miles).

Maximum speed: 430 km/h (267 mph).

Duration of one trip: 8 minutes.

Frequency: 15-20 minutes.

Route: Longyang Rd. — Pudong international airport.

Trains that rely on magnetic levitation float in the magnetic repulsion field without contact with the rails. This reduces friction and reduces wheel and rail wear. China has not invented the technology, but uses it well. The train ride from the city centre to the airport took from forty minutes to an hour. It’s eight minutes now. The technology is German, the idea is age-old, but the Chinese decided that they need it, and they got it. The ability to make decisions and act on them without years of political disputes and litigation gives China a great advantage over other countries.Rand: Chilling world war III shows how American troops are defeated by Russia and China

Senior analyst at RAND CORPORATION David Ochmanek discussed simulations at the new American security Center (CNAS) in Washington, D.C. last week. «In our games where we fight China or Russia … the Blues get their ass kicked, to put it mildly,» he said during a panel discussion. Blue in simulations refers to the armed forces of the United States.»

There are several reasons for that. A completely predictable response to the military: «Give more money!»instead of «Maybe we should do our own thing and spend it on our economy.» The fact is that the world may be changing in many ways. But Washington didn’t seem to notice.


The above list can be expanded by adding many granted patents, published scientific articles, quantum communications, investments in education and technological research and development, supercomputers and chip design, and more. Beijing is clearly trying to make China great again — why not? Meanwhile, America is paying less attention to its endless and exhausting wars and more attention to transgender toilets and whether Bruce Jenner is a girl. China directs its best knowledge to the world’s best technical school, while America turns its universities into arenas for the mentally retarded. The country is crumbling, but drunkenly spends money on defective fighters, which it does not need.

It won’t last long.

Author: Fred reed — describes himself as a «keyboard mercenary». Recently, his characteristics added «retired news ferret» and «part-time sociopath.» He has worked for media outlets such as the Army Times, The Washingtonian, Soldier of Fortune, Federal Computer Week, and The Washington Times. Lives in Mexico with his wife and three stray dogs.

Copyright Fred Reed.

Published with the permission of the author.

Translation By Sergey Dukhanov.

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