China praises, Turkey is ready to buy: su-57 will turn into trash F-35

China praises, Turkey is ready to buy: su-57 will turn into trash F-35

China praises, Turkey is ready to buy: su-57 will turn into trash F-35
Stingy praise the Chinese gave a very flattering assessment of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation su-57, and this despite the fact that they themselves are now brought to mind the latest J-20, which is credited with incredible qualities. The Chinese «considered» in our plane microwave photon radar, thanks to which the su-57 «will turn into garbage» American military equipment. The author of the publication on the largest Chinese-language site draws attention to the fact of serious development of Russian missile weapons, fleet, and aviation over the past 20 years. «The idea of the Russians is very simple: nuclear missiles will protect the country from a large-scale invasion, and tactical weapons such as fighters and warships will ensure Russia’s victory in small conflicts,» Chinese experts say.

Special attention in the publication is paid to the su-57 fighter, including the presence of a microwave photon (quantum) radar. Its peculiarity lies in its compactness, light weight and a large range of actions. It directly displays the silhouette of the aircraft with a resolution several times higher than that of conventional radar. At the same time, the new radar is not susceptible to electronic interference and allows you to easily detect and hit the invisible aircraft, the same American F-35. The first prototypes of the «shooting light» ROFAR (radio-optical phased array antenna) were assembled and tested in Russia 15 years ago. China, incidentally, also led a similar development but on a dummy, it has not moved. Required a unique software, software that the Chinese on their own could not produce and repeatedly tried to buy it, and even banal «borrow». The result of their development in 2017 was an experiment to fire photons at targets at a range of one hundred kilometers. The Russian Concern of radio-electronic technologies (KRET) by this time has created not experimental installations, but full-fledged radars of this type intended for installation on fighters of not only the fifth but also the sixth generation. Which is what the Chinese are now openly envy.

In the publication, also noted that the weight and space occupied by the new radar are half that of all the other existing ones, which provides serious constructive advantages. In fact, the radar is such a thin plate that is attached to the body of the fighter, without weighing it down and without worsening flight characteristics. But the technology of American aircraft-«invisible» F-22, F-35 and B-2 will be «completely ineffective for such a photon radar.»

The Chinese also paid special attention to the possibility of using the su-57 fighter in conjunction with the hunter drone. Photos of the domestic UAV S-70 «Hunter» were published recently and aroused great interest among experts. This is a combat shock drone made by stealth technology, which has a take-off weight of 20 tons and is the heaviest of the developed devices of this type. Initially, it was assumed that its first flight will take place in 2018, and in 2020 will be adopted.

In its configuration, the «Hunter» looks somewhat like an American b-2 Spirit bomber, created according to the aerodynamic scheme «flying wing» using stealth technology. What is the future mission of the «Hunter» is not known for certain how close are its tactical and technical characteristics, but the UAV is credited with incredible abilities. He has already been called the killer of American fighters F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II. However, even if we consider the Russian heavy UAV of the sixth generation S-70 the most advanced and technically advanced strike drone in the world, to compete with the fighters in its current form is too heavy.

Intrigue in the purpose of the «Hunter» added a photo of the su-57, on the vertical stabilizer of which next to the silhouette of the «drying» was drawn and the contour of the UAV S-70. Likely that this is just a fact of using shared technologies like stealth fighter planes, and drones, but are more likely to assume that «Hunter» can use in tandem with the su-57, receiving the commands and aiming in the air. This fact was noted by the observant Chinese.

And if China su-57 praised for advanced technology and superiority over American aircraft, Turkey is not the first time talking about the possibility of acquiring Russian fighters of the fifth generation, as an alternative to the American F-35. As posted Director General Sergei Chemezov recently said, Russia is ready to hold talks with Turkey on the possible purchase of the country’s newest fifth-generation fighter of the Russian production of su-57E (export version), if Ankara still completes its participation in the program for the production of F-35 aircraft.

The US is putting serious pressure on Turkey for its decision to buy the s-400 air defense system from Russia and promises to deprive it of its fighters as a «punishment». On what Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu expressed the readiness of the Turkish side in the event of the U.S. refusal to supply F-35 to buy fifth-generation fighters from other countries. Those are China and Russia, but Beijing plans to sell its J-20 is not voiced. Turkey is closely watching the Russian su-57 as to the possible transaction and the current word Chemezov was not born from scratch. Earlier, on April 12, the Turkish news agency Anadolu reported that Ankara is considering such a proposal. A comparative analysis of the su-57 and F-35 was made, according to which the Russian fighter is superior to the American «colleague» in a number of indicators. In particular, it noted the advantage in speed — the su-57 is 2600 km/h, against 1931 km/h from the «American». Exceeds the «drying» of the F-35 and for the maximum duration of the flight, which is almost twice the 5.8 hours, compared to 2.36 hours. The maximum combat load of the su-57 is estimated at 10 tons, and the F-35 8.16 tons. Inferior to the F-35 and in terms of maximum take-off weight — 31,751 tons against 35,480.

Turkish experts also noted the unique feature of the su-57 fighter, which can take off and land at short distances, has the ability to fly at supersonic speed without turning on the afterburner mode, besides it is super maneuverable, in contrast to the rather «clumsy» in the f-35 air combat. Among the disadvantages — the su-57 cannot perform vertical takeoff and landing, unlike the modification of the F-35 (he that borrowed his own, as claimed, the rotary nozzle from the Soviet carrier-based jet fighter Yak-141). It is also believed that the su-57 cannot coordinate the actions of a group of aircraft in the enemy zone, unlike the F-35, which is also «more invisible». At the same time, according to Chinese comrades, the su-57 is able to interact with the UAV «Hunter» and coordinate them in the air, and due to the latest photon radar «sees» invisible aircraft » as under a magnifying glass.

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