The United States is deliberately using economic terrorism to put pressure on other countries and the outbreak of trade wars. This was stated at a special briefing by Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui/We strongly oppose trade sanctions, duties, and protectionist club. This deliberate provocation of trade conflicts is outright economic terrorism, chauvinism, and bullying. There are no winners in trade wars, both sides will definitely find themselves in a losing situation,» he said in response to a request to comment on the latest steps of our administration.

«This has a negative impact on the world economy. On this issue, China and Russia share a common position and interests,» the diplomat added. According to him, both countries are ready to resist any kind of external pressure and challenges to protect their sovereignty and development interests.

Expert RISI, economist Vyacheslav Kholodkov believes that the pressure of the Americans on China pushes him to closer with strategic partners, including Russia. He noted that recently the number of meetings between the leadership of Russia and China has increased significantly. This means that countries are looking for ways to cooperate and confront the United States.

«China and Russia are permanent members of the UN Security Council and the closest strategic partners in various multilateral platforms. Joint actions of our countries can cool the ardor of the Americans, — said Kholodkov.

The trade war between China and the United States continues from July 6, 2018. Then the head of the White house Donald trump imposed duties of 25% on the import of 818 goods from China for a total of 34 billion dollars a year. Beijing replied in a mirror. Since may 10, 2019, we duties have been once again increased for Chinese products in the amount of 200 billion dollars and the process of preparing duties on goods for another 300 billion dollars has begun. The reason was allegedly the incomplete implementation of the agreements between Washington and Beijing from the Chinese side. In response, the government of China announced that from June 1 to impose retaliatory duties in respect of more than 5 thousand commodity items from the United States totaling $ 60 billion.

The last unfriendly steps of us administration concerned a large Chinese company Huawei, which fell under the sanctions of Washington. According to Trump, the Corporation cooperates with Chinese intelligence services and threatens our national security.

Dana Tessen

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