As the conspiracy against trump hit worldwide

As the conspiracy against trump hit worldwide

As the conspiracy against trump hit worldwide
The situation is truly «despicable» * in today’s the United States. This is a continuation of foreign policy based on endless aggression, the purpose of which is to preserve Washington’s military dominance in those parts of the world where the Americans have no slightest interests. Many voters supported Donald J. Trump because he made a commitment to change all that. But, unfortunately, he renounced his promise, instead of intensifying tensions with the major powers — Russia and China — while threatening Iran and Venezuela almost daily. Now in the crosshairs is Cuba, because it allegedly helps Venezuela. It would be reasonable to ask whether America will ever stop playing this seemingly already entrenched role of the bully most feared in the world, or give up this role. However, the more practical question is, «When will the members of the psychopathic trio — John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Elliott Abrams-be fired so that the United States can start behaving like a normal nation?»Trump is certainly at the core of this whole problem, as he was constantly making bad, overly belligerent decisions at a time when better options were available — not so rough and abrupt. And not always in his bad choice should blame advisers. And we should also not discount the possibility that trump’s dysfunction is partly understandable, given his belief that he has many powerful enemies who tried to destroy him even before he was nominated as a presidential candidate from the Republican party. This hatred for everything that Trump was manifested in the activities of the neoconservative forces «Nevertrump» (Trumpnikogda) led by bill Christol and the movement of supporters of the «mental disorder syndrome in trump», presented on the left edge of the political spectrum, which is regularly demonstrated by Rachel Maddow**.

And there is also the «deep state», which also worked with the Democratic party and President Barack Obama to destroy the trump presidency even before it began. «Deep state» can be defined in several ways. You can start with the «soft» version. This definition recognizes that there is a certain establishment that serves a specific self-serving goal, which he collectively works to advance something harder — real «infrastructure,» which gathers together and facilitates to remove those specific individuals and to sabotage the political line, against which this infrastructure object. The «deep state» in any version includes high-ranking government officials, business leaders, and — perhaps most importantly — their-run media that promote a distorted version of «good governance,» which in turn affects the public.

Whether or not Mueller’s report is final depends largely on the people they selected for questioning and the questions they asked. This will undoubtedly be discussed throughout the next year — if not longer. In addition to the statement that the trump team did not collude with Russia, the report does not cover the possible role of the «deep state» in his attempts to denigrate trump and his team. The investigation of this aspect of the campaign for 2016 and the possible prosecution of former senior government officials, which may be the result of the investigation is likely to entertain the supporters of the «conspiracy theory» until 2020. Since the term Russiagate has already been used, and it was abandoned, the new investigation may well be dubbed Trumpgate.

The media reported little about how Michael Horowitz, Inspector General of the Ministry of justice, investigated the activities of the main fraud advocates during the Russiagate. Horowitz, whose report is expected in about a month, has already shown that he intends to initiate criminal proceedings as a result of his investigation. While the report will only cover offenses in the Justice Department, which includes the FBI, the names of the intelligence officers involved will no doubt also come up. It is expected that charges will be brought, which will lead to numerous prosecutions, and one can hope for imprisonment for those persons who, as a result of personal decomposition, betrayed their oath of allegiance to us Constitution only in order to make a political vendetta.

A review of what is already known about the conspiracy against trump is quite revealing. And, no doubt, much more will be explored and uncovered when and if investigators examine the relevant emails and phone records. The first stage of the illegal investigation against trump’s employees was that the wiretapping of telephone conversations was launched without any grounds and signs of criminal activity. In the end, six government intelligence and law enforcement agencies were involved and de facto formed a task force led by CIA Director John Brennan. It was also reported that this involved James Comey from the FBI, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Director of the Department of homeland security Jah Johnson and Admiral Michael Rogers, who headed the national security Agency.

Brennan was a key link in this operation because the court under the foreign intelligence Surveillance Act (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act — FISA) refused to satisfy several FBI requests to initiate wiretapping of trump’s partners since there were no legal grounds for this. But British intelligence and other European intelligence agencies on legitimate grounds managed to intercept messages related to American sources. Brennan was able to use his connections with these foreign intelligence agencies, primarily the British GCHQ***, to create the impression that concerns about trump came from friendly and allied countries, and so they needed to be responded to as part of the daily exchange of intelligence. As a result, overheard Paul Manafort, Carter page, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and General Michael Flynn. And probably others, too. All this happened during the primaries and after trump became a candidate from the Republican party.

In other words, to make wiretapping legitimate, Brennan and his colleagues quietly and «off the record» approached GCHQ and other intelligence agencies about their concerns about what trump’s presidency could mean. In response, the British initiated wiretapping, which Brennan then used to justify further investigation into the case of Trump’s associates. All this was done carefully and was absolutely illegal espionage against American citizens by our authorities.
As the conspiracy against trump hit worldwide
Support for the operation was coordinated by the British then Director of GCHQ Robert Hannigan, who was later forced to resign. Unfortunately, Brennan’s still out there somewhere, and he’s not being charged with perjury or any other crime. In May 2017, after he left the government, he testified in Congress, saying what looks very much like a final, unprocessed, unconfirmed attempt by sources to denigrate the new administration: «I came across information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interaction between Russian officials and us citizens involved in the trump campaign, which I was concerned about because of known Russian attempts to bribe these people. I have questions about whether Russia could achieve cooperation from these people.»

Brennan’s «concerns» were wrong. Meanwhile, other stakeholders have involved in the so-called «steel dossier» on Trump himself. The dossier, originally paid for by Republicans trying to stop trump, was later funded with $ 12 million from the Hillary campaign. This was formalized through the law firm Perkins Coie, which worked for the National Committee of the Democratic party (DNC). The goal was to assess any possible involvement of trump in Russia. The work itself was done under contract with Fusion of GPS, which, in turn, signed a contract for the actual investigation with the British spy Christopher Steele, who led the firm’s business intelligence under the name Orbis.

Steele left MI6 in 2009 and has not visited Russia since 1993. The report, designed to collect dirt on trump, was largely prepared using secondary information that is impossible to confirm, and would never have surfaced if not for the unexpected outcome of the 2016 election. Christopher Steele handed over a copy (dossier — S. D.) to retired British diplomat Sir Andrew Wood, who in turn handed her criticism of trump to Senator John McCain, who then handed it over to the FBI. President Barack Obama seems to have reviewed it too. According to the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper), «if it were not for President Obama, we would not be able to assess the intelligence community, which has caused a chain of events still operating today — in particular, the investigation conducted by special Prosecutor Mueller.»The report was published in the media in January 2017 in connection with the inauguration of trump. Hillary Clinton denies that she knew anything before the publication — despite the fact that for all this paid the headquarters of her campaign. As a result of pressure from Democrats and other interest groups» affected» by Trump’s victory, the Steele report was used to get leverage in the form of what later became Mueller’s investigation.

So. Was there a conspiracy against Donald Trump, organized by many of the highest-ranking officials and politicians in Washington? Undeniably, Yes. That trump has become a leader and role model is beside the point. After all, what happened was undoubtedly a bureaucratic coup against the legitimately elected President of the United States. And this coup, to some extent, was a success, as Trump was probably forced to turn his back on his best «angels,» after which he hired Pompeo, Bolton, and Abrams. One can only hope that investigators will delve into what insiders were doing in Washington. Therefore, Trumpgate will be more interesting and informative than Russiagate. It is also to be hoped that a sufficient number of high-level leaders will be dismissed so that any interference by the «deep state» in future elections will be unthinkable. I hope so.

About the author: Philip M. Giraldi— a former employee of us military intelligence and CIA, an expert in the field of counter-terrorism, worked for about 20 years in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. From 1989 to 1992 he was the head of the CIA residency in Barcelona. He was one of the first Americans to enter Afghanistan in 2001. Speaks Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish. Currently — Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest (Council for the National Interest)

Published with the permission of the publisher.

Translation By Sergey Dukhanov.

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