Air battle: su-57 summed gun

Air battle: su-57 summed gun

The Russian fighter of the fifth generation su-57 by the time of its transfer to combat units at the end of this year may not be fully equipped with modern weapons. This was reported by a source of «Interfax» in the MIC. The first machines will be partially equipped with missile and bomb weapons of the previous generation. The fact is that «the industry has not performed work on the creation of ammunition for the su-57.»

However, it is not about precision weapons, which is just all right. Tests of missiles, which at supersonic speed «fly into the window», and also have new capabilities for strikes on air and ground targets, are being completed. Oddly enough, according to the Interfax source, the defense is not ready to issue the required number of shells for an automatic gun. And also there is a delay in obtaining complete sets of free-falling bombs and unguided aircraft missiles.

The timing of the elimination of this backlog is not mentioned.

In parallel with the creation of the PAK FA, which later became known as the su-57, was the development of weapons for him, belonging partly to the new generation, partly to the known weapons, but with significantly enhanced characteristics. Just preparing 14 types of munitions «air-air» and «air-surface».A significant breakthrough was made in the area of adjustable bombs, which were previously able to plan for a distance not exceeding 14 km from the point of discharge. Specifically for su-57 created bomb KAB-250, that call «smart bomb.» The range of its flight is not disclosed. However, it is reported that the aircraft does not need to enter the zone of enemy air defense before the bombing. Of course, we are talking about short-range air defense, with a radius of up to 20-30 km.

The bomb has three degrees of control. Most of the route KAB-250 flies under the control of the inertial guidance system with correction by satellite positioning signal. The final section works on television (day) and thermal (night) homing head, which contains images of objects that need to attack.

All three air-to-air missiles will be brand new. At least two of them will be modifications of known ammunition. However, the modification will be ultra-deep. K-77 belongs to the family of medium-range missiles R-77. But it has already crossed its range, becoming a long-range missile. K-77 is able to overtake air targets, remote 192 km. That is 1.75 times greater than the range of the previous modification of the R-77. Speed — 4.5 M, maximum speed of targets — 3600 km/h. interception Height — from 20 m to 25 km.

The long-range missile KS-172 is actually ultra-long — the length of its route reaches 400 km. This is an absolute world record of range for air-to-air missiles. However, the KS-172 clearly does not keep up to the time of transfer to the air force of su-57 fighters of the first stage.

There is another super-long hypersonic missile R-37M with a range of 300 km. it has the world’s largest range among the operating air-to-air missiles.

It must be said that long-range missiles have a new quality in comparison with existing ones. During the flight, they can independently carry out a free search for targets that need to be destroyed.

All these missiles have excellent dynamic characteristics. That allows you to use them not only against the «big and clumsy» aircraft such as tankers, Avax, transporters, scouts, bombers but also against quite maneuverable fighters.

Air battle: su-57 summed gun

And finally, about the melee missile. Here the concern «Tactical missile weapons» (KTRV) is the least inclined to share military secrets. It is only said that the RVV-MD will surpass the capabilities of a similar American missile AIM-9X Sidewinder. But you need to try hard. The AIM-9X, firstly, has a deflected thrust vector, which significantly increased the maneuverability of the rocket. Second, infrared GOS has a matrix of 128×128 photodiodes. Therefore, the missile does not see an abstract heat spot, but an image of the target being attacked and does not react to the heat traps being fired.

KTRV creates a short-range missile based on the R-73, which appeared in the Soviet air force in 1983. Modifications it less than aim-9. True, and less time has passed. A missile armed with all the fighters, starting with the third generation and ending with the su-35. The development of a modification for the su-57 is designated as RVV-MD. KTRV makes her very meager information. The previous modification — RMD-M — everything is normal with a range, it is equal to 40 km. The rocket has good dynamics, as evidenced by the equal 40 g maximum permissible overload. At the same time, the maneuverability of RVV-MD will be increased by using not only aerodynamic but also gas-dynamic rudders, allowing to reduce the radius of the turn. However, there is unverified information that the new rocket, like the «American», should have a rotary nozzle. But this is only one version.

There is another uncertainty that is caused by the secrecy regime — the type of GOS. On previous versions of the R-37 installed dual-band IR GOS with cooling. This, of course, is more reliable than the usual IR GOS. However, it is noticeably inferior to the noise immunity matrix. So let’s hope that the TDR HAS made a breakthrough in this area.

The number of missiles for strikes on land and surface targets more. A special type of such missiles is anti-radar missiles equipped with passive radar GOS. This is the missile X-58(TP) has a range of 250 km and Maximum speed of 4200 km/h. Broadband GSN, information with which processes on-Board computer, reacting to the enemy’s radar with a constant rebuild frequency. At the same time, the new missile received an additional quality that allows it to hit the radar even in the event of an emergency shutdown of the generator. X-58USHKE (TP) has a second channel targeting the target — television. The presence of a television GSN has allowed expanding essentially a circle solved by means of this missile tasks. Now it is able to affect not only the radar but also any other objects that are not sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Among the air-to-surface missiles designed for advanced aircraft, there is a universal short-range missile (up to 40 km) X-38M. One of its indisputable advantages is the modular principle. That is, the missile, depending on the combat mission, can be equipped with various GOS and combat units.

X-38M is able to hit and enemy manpower, and ground equipment, and fortified structures, and surface ships. At the same time, the power of the warhead, weighing 250 kg, is enough to hit the enemy Corvette.

Almost all of these precision-guided munitions have been tested in Syria as part of the su-57 fighter ammunition.

Air battle: su-57 summed gun

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