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A teacher at Oxford claims that the aliens are producing human hybrids for our benefit.


As Young-has Chi, a Korean language teacher at Oxford University, said, aliens, are seeking to hybridize the species. To do this, they kidnap people to mix their genetic material with humans, to create a new breed that can survive on our planet, even when it is irreversible climate change.

According to the Korean scientist, the creation of hybrids can help people to solve the problem of adaptation to constantly changing conditions. Dr. Chi thinks there are a lot of human-alien hybrids living between us right now, but we don’t notice. In his opinion, the second generation of hybrids is maturing now.

According to Dr. Chi, four types of aliens regularly appear in the world. Some small others, on the contrary, are very tall, there are also creatures resembling reptiles and creatures that look like oversized insects, so-called insecticides. They work all the time to confront threats such as climate change or nuclear weapons. According to a Korean scientist at Oxford, human hybridization is a necessity because nothing else will allow our species to survive. The scientist is sure that the creation of hybrids of humans and aliens will make it easier to adapt our species due to changes in living conditions on Earth.

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Dr. Chi even wrote a book in Korean about it. It’s called “alien Visits and the end of humanity.” It outlines the basic beliefs about the visits of aliens and their intentions for the creation of hybrid humans. He also became famous in Oxford in 2012, when he made a report entitled “Alien Abduction and environmental crisis”, in which he outlined his theories about the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent aliens on Earth.

Dr. Yang He Chi stunned the audience with his speech. It was assumed that perhaps human civilization is nearing the end of its existence. Dr. Chi has three theories about why aliens create human hybrids. One possibility is that our DNA is too valuable to be lost before it disappears. Second, the goal may be to create species that will survive in future climatic conditions. Third, hybrids usually have a high IQ, so maybe it’s about allowing them to rule in the future.


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