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A sharp move “Zircon”: the US did not expect such a quick response from Russia


A sharp move "Zircon": the US did not expect such a quick response from Russia
Once I disrespected Ivan Demidov when he was Director of the TV channel “TV-6 Moscow” told such a story. When he came in not as impressionable and hysterical subordinate to another statement on the dismissal, and then half an hour later resorted to asking him to take it with a completely impassive and calm face replied that he had already signed it, and watched as drains on the floor that just a second ago was his subordinate. Such a sophisticated look cynical trolling.

Why do I remember this story? On March 4 this year, Putin signed a Decree on Russia’s withdrawal from the INF TREATY. At this very moment in the office across the ocean on the Bank of the Potomac shot a couple of four-star General from the Pentagon and another tried to jump out of the window shouting: “the Russians are coming!” only the window was on the 1st floor of an underground bunker.

I would like to ask our esteemed “partners”: “What did you expect from us, when a month earlier you yourself came out of the INF TREATY? Maybe you thought we’d come to you on the belly to beg, not to do it?!”. So there is no same, Putin still 2 February on meeting with Lavrov and Shoigu declared, that our response to these actions will mirror:

“The American partners have announced that they are suspending their participation in the Treaty, and we are also suspending. They announced that they are engaged in Research And Development, and we will do the same.»

Putin then stressed that:

“…we have repeatedly raised the issue of meaningful negotiations on disarmament for many years. And in recent years, we have seen only that our partners do not support our initiatives, on the contrary, some pretexts are constantly being sought to dismantle the already established system of international security.»

In this regard, Putin suggested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation “no longer initiate negotiations with the United States on this issue and wait until the partners themselves are ripe for an equal and meaningful dialogue”, stressing that “all our proposals, as before, in this area, remain on the table, the doors to the negotiations are open”, but we will no longer knock on the closed doors.

This statement of GDP was preceded by trump’s statement that Washington unilaterally suspends its obligations taken at the signing of the Treaty on the elimination of medium-range and shorter-range missiles in 1987, and begins the procedure for withdrawing from it, sounded the day before. So, what did you want from us, our dear “dear friends”, and what, in fact, to us after that can be a claim? The time for persuasion is over. The 2019 year in the yard – and Putin is not the same, and Russia is not the same!

As a result, on March 4, after waiting for a month for decency, the Kremlin has a Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the suspension of Russia’s implementation of the Treaty on the elimination of medium-range and shorter-range missiles:

“Proceeding from the need to take urgent measures in connection with the violation by the United States of America of its obligations under the Treaty, I decide to suspend the implementation of the Treaty until the elimination by the United States of America of the violations of its obligations under the said Treaty or until its termination.«

The document came into force from the date of its signing. March 4, 2019 shop closed!


Personally, I don’t understand why we needed this contract at all. The Treaty signed by the traitor Gorbachev in 1987 did not put us on an equal footing with the United States. According to the Treaty, the USA and the USSR undertook not to produce, test or deploy ballistic and cruise missiles of medium-range (from 1,000 to 5,500 km) and short-range (from 500 to 1,000 km) ground-based. At the same time, similar sea and air-based missiles were not included in the document.

But we and carriers for the deployment of sea and air missiles then almost was not, unlike the United States. Therefore, by this Treaty we have leveled our advantage on the ground, on the European potential theater, keeping it for the United States at sea and in the air. It is clear that the average missiles from the ground to us to the States was not to finish (if not to place them in Chukotka, which the INF TREATY forbade), but why was to leave the Americans an advantage on sea and air platforms, where we could not compete with them in budgets and still strongly inferior, I do not understand.

After all, we could not control the world ocean and the air over it, even if we really wanted to. And we would not be able to prevent the enemy ships (underwater and surface) and aircraft carrying medium and small nuclear missiles from reaching the dangerous distance for us, with all our desire.

As a result, disarming and cutting our “eurostrategic” complexes “pioneer” and American groups of medium-range ballistic “Pershing-2” and winged “Tomahawks”, we removed the danger of a nuclear nightmare for Europe, keeping it for themselves from the American floating and flying platforms YAS. And I am still silent that this Treaty did not apply to the rest of the countries, as a result of which we now have a situation where medium-range ground-based ballistic missiles in nuclear equipment are owned by Israel, India, China, North Korea, and Pakistan, and several other countries have similar missiles in conventional equipment (same Iran, for example).

The result of all these rash actions was that in 2002, the States unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty signed between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1972 and the former cornerstone of the international security system, and began to slowly but surely surround the Russian Federation with their anti-missile bases.

And, like, honestly, because the United States no one of your interceptor missiles threaten not only to negate our advantage in strategic land-based missiles by intercepting and destroying them in the air at the start of the trajectories, thereby breaking the existing balance and the balance of power and allowing them to talk to us from a position of strength. At the same time, making a naive face and claiming on a blue eye that these missiles are not against us, but against Iran or North Korea.

That’s just not necessary for us idiots to keep! Putin warned you once, twice. You pretended not to understand. The result was cartoons from Volodya March 1, 2018. Then many of you got sick. But, apparently, not all. Now, apparently, he began to walk up to the others. The going got tough and us immediately turned back.

“The United States reserves the right to revoke the notice of withdrawal from the contract prior to the expiration of the six-month period and will be ready to consider this step, if Russia will return to full and verifiable compliance with the agreement” – this statement was made by U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman the day after Putin’s speech on February 2 at a press briefing with Shoigu and Lavrov. But just two days before the official representative of the national security Council (NSC) of the White House stated the opposite:


“We have given Russia in writing a list of concrete steps it can take to return to compliance (the Treaty) and save the INF TREATY. Only the complete and verifiable destruction of Russian 9m729 missiles, launchers and related equipment will mean an end to the violation by Russia.«

The fact is that Washington, leaving the Contract on February 1, left Moscow 6 months to eliminate the claims.

On March 4, it became clear that the language of ultimatums with the Kremlin has not passed. And with it came the final realization of the gravity of the incident, and understanding of reality looming over the States of threats, together with the materialization of all these cartoonish avant-gardes, Sarmatians, Daggers, Petrels, Poseidon and discoloration in the real prototypes and sample arms are already coming into production, and to the troops.

Moreover, when 20 Feb during an address to the GDP to the Federal Assembly added and “Zircon”, that’s when it happened and the point of bifurcation and the United States openly solicited mercy. Already on March 5, immediately after the signing of the GDP Decree, us State Department issued an urgent statement in which Russia offered a compromise solution to the situation around the INF TREATY.

Washington expressed its readiness to resume negotiations and called for unimpeded mutual inspections for the sake of “the security of the United States and its partners.” And the requirements for the destruction of 9m729 missiles for the Iskander-M complex, which, in their opinion, violated the terms of the agreement, this time there was no longer. The Russian side has not yet responded to the statement of the State Department. But Putin, actually, nothing prevents to repeat Ivan Demidov’s trick, having told that he already signed the Decree, not to rewrite it.

Held on Monday, March 3, in Vienna, the meeting of the chief of staff of the Russian defense Ministry Valery Gerasimov with the Chairman of the Committee of chiefs of staff of the United States Joseph Danford, where, among other things, the topic of INF, also clearly contributed to the improvement of mental processes of the opposing side. In favor of this matter and the statement by our Ambassador in Washington, former Deputy head of the Ministry of defense of Antalya Antonov, who, speaking on March 5 at the site of the Stimson Center and once again reminded “partners,” Putin’s words that the placement of U.S. small and medium missiles in Europe, we will be forced to respond symmetrically:


Whether Europe needs it is a rhetorical question. RIA Novosti quotes the Ambassador’s words that Moscow would like to “avoid such a situation.” As a result of these verbal interventions, the state Department included the back. It is obvious that in the US for 2 weeks learned to count. On February 20, presenting another hypersound to the Federal Assembly, Putin asked Washington before making a final decision to carefully calculate everything. Those, apparently, still took the advice. But I have a feeling it’s too late. The train called INF IS gone. And, it seems, that forever. Whether we should try to stop it, we will talk about it below.


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