Donald Trump finally realized his long dream — held in our capital a real military parade. Two years ago, at the dawn of his presidency, Trump visited Emmanuel Macron. Macron invited him to a military parade in honor of the national holiday of France — Bastille Day (July 14).

The parade so impressed trump that he set out to arrange a similar show in Washington on Independence Day. Then the owner of the White House decided that it would be more appropriate to hold a parade on Veterans Day, which is celebrated in America on November 11. But then the Democrats reared — especially zealous mayor of the district of Columbia, which is the American capital, Muriel Bowser.

She said that the parade will cost the budget an astronomical sum of $92 million Extremely annoyed trumps personally overturned the decision to hold the parade in the capital, not forgetting to print on his Twitter «local politicians who badly run Washington (DC)» and godlessly inflate the cost of the event.

However, over the past year, the President’s position has strengthened significantly. And he still got his way: on July 4, the Independence Day of the United States, Washington rattled tanks Abrams and BMP Bradley, and the clouds over the Capitol pierced predatory fighters of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning.

Although Independence Day is the most important and favorite American national holiday, it is not associated with a demonstration of military power. In full accordance with the prediction of one of the founding fathers of the United States John Adams, who wrote to his wife on July 2, 1776, that this day «will be celebrated by subsequent generations as a great annual celebration. It should be celebrated as a day of liberation with pomp and parade, with performances, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and decorations, it should be celebrated throughout the continent and throughout time.» Adams was two days wrong, but he was right.

Independence Day includes fireworks, barbecues, crowd-besieged amusement rides in amusement parks, cheerleaders in short skirts, colorful balloons and tons of ice cream and hot dogs. Parades, too, but not in our understanding of these words. A typical parade on July 4 is a costume show, which involves everyone. In addition, in each state at noon, be sure to shoot guns — it’s called «Salute to unity».

Trump decided to call the event on July 4 in Washington «salute to America».

«People are coming from everywhere to join us today for a celebration that promises to be one of the largest in the history of our country, — he wrote on his Twitter. — Salute to America is an event that will take place all day at the Lincoln Memorial, and its culmination will be a large-scale military parade with the participation of the most modern and advanced aircraft in the world.»

Naturally, opponents of the President, Democrats, liberals, militant feminists and LGBT activists, this initiative could not leave indifferent

A few days antitarnish seething swamp as if in its depths he scored powerful methane geysers. «Let’s not turn our peaceful holiday into a militarized nightmare!» that was the General tone of liberal lamentations. Washington mayor Muriel Bowser tirelessly repeated how she was worried that the celebration of Independence Day this year will be marked by a demonstration of us military power.

Haters of the President inflated a huge balloon depicting trump in the form of an angry baby in a diaper. However, the opponents of the owner of the White House did not receive permission to fly on the «little trump» over the heads of the crowd — and were forced to tie the ball in a large shopping center. But another group of demonstrators, who took a strategic position near the National alley, where the main events of the day took place, successfully deployed a large banner with the slogan «Trump is a traitor!».

But to the deep disappointment of trump’s enemies, his supporters at the festival turned out to be much more.

«The crowd in the Mall (the National Mall. — K. B.) was huge and friendly, filling the entire space from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington monument. The television coverage was excellent. Friday articles and photos from the parade were on the front pages of major Newspapers,» writes a sympathetic President paleoconservative Patrick Buchanan column «Patriotism trump against the new anti-Americanism.»

But the columnist and editor of The Washington Post Eugene Robertson — a patented liberal. But he is forced to admit through his teeth that «baseball caps MAGA (Make America Great Again) and t-shirts with trump were presented in abundance.»

Not without clashes: shortly before the speech of the President gathered at the fence of the White house leftists from the Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States set fire to two American flags, but were neutralized by the Secret service and supporters of the President, who took away from them badly damaged by fire symbols of the state. The most curious thing about this whole story is not even that the «Communists» had the official permission of the city authorities (if we remember who holds the post of mayor of the District of Columbia, it will not seem too surprising). And here is what burned flags leftists chanted: «America was never great! and burn, baby, burn!» much more interesting.

«The Ghost of anti-Americanism seems to be coming from the left,» Buchanan worries.

And the left is attacking not only the trump but also objectionable to them heroes of American history. A few days before July 4, the City Council of Charlottesville — the same place where mass clashes between defenders and opponents of Confederate monuments took place in the summer of 2017-voted for April 13, the birthday of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of independence, to cease to be a festive day. Why? Yes, because the third us President was a slave owner.

The liberal public of Charlottesville, who achieved the demolition of the monument to the Confederates, now calls one of the founding fathers of the United States a racist and rapist

A former NFL defender Colin Kaepernick (the one who during the performance of the American anthem fell to one knee in protest against the infringement of black in America) put the condition of Nike: or she withdraws from the market sneakers series Air Max 1 Quick Strike, released on Independence Day, or he no longer works as the face of the company. The reason? Yes, just on this batch of shoes was a picture of the first American flag with thirteen stars, symbolizing the first 13 colonies to dissociate themselves from the British Empire and became the basis for the future of the United States. The flag, invented by Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross in June 1776, seemed offensive to Kaepernick because slavery existed in all 13 States at the time.

The fact that Nike has gone on about a psychotic player in American football will fly her a penny: the Republican Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey has already said that he ordered to cancel the grant of a million dollars, previously allocated to the company for the construction of a new factory in this state.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called Nike’s decision unpatriotic, suggesting that the company wants to sell its products to people who hate the American flag. And the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said: «I Believe that if some Americans see a problem in the American flag, then we really have a problem.»

And this problem is very serious. According to recent Gallup polls, while among Republicans the number of those who are «extremely proud» of being American reaches 76%, in the democratic camp there will be no more than 22%. And this despite the fact that in 2013, at the beginning of Obama’s second term, 56% of Democrats felt «strong pride» about it.

Even more interesting, although nine out of ten Americans are still extremely proud of us military and scientific achievements, more than two-thirds are not proud of our political system. Among Democrats, such majority (75%) — only every fourth Democrat is proud of the American political system. But a significant number of Republicans are also disillusioned with American democracy. And it is no wonder: if for almost three years this political system blocks almost all the initiatives of the legally elected President.

«And how, — Buchanan wonders, — does a party whose three out of four supporters have no pride in their political system convince a nation to put it at the head of that system? How does a party, no more than a quarter of whose members are «extremely proud» to be Americans, convince a majority of voters to trust it to lead their nation?»

But on July 4, those who really want to be proud of America gathered on the National Avenue in Washington. And it is for them to trump and made the first 70 years of the US President addressed to the nation in the afternoon of 4 July

Has not done without overlays: the rain periodically came down the teleprompter, which caused a funny error President. Speaking of the War of independence in 1776, Trump said that the American army «controlled the air and seized airports.» This oversight was immediately picked up by the hostile Trump media (and most of them), as a result of Thursday evening, users of American social networks refined in-jokes about the «epic battle for baggage». And very much in vain, because Trump’s speech was not about that.

«I wonder what Donald Trump will say tonight when he speaks to the people at an event designed to amuse his ego rather than glorify American ideals?»— ironically, trump’s main opponent from the democratic party Joe Biden a few hours before Trump, standing behind an armored transparent barrier that protected him not only from the rain but also (theoretically, of course) from the bullets of the newly appeared Oswald, made his speech.

If Biden believed that Trump was using his speech to praise his beloved, he was grossly mistaken. Trump turned to the American nation, again focusing on its exclusivity.

Dana Tessen

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