The US Navy throws the newest landing ship to the shores of Japan

The US Navy throws the newest landing ship to the shores of Japan

Tokyo, April 26. The naval forces of the USA plan to throw the newest amphibious assault ship America at the naval base «Sasebo» in Japan. It is reported by the news Agency Kyodo with reference to the Ministry of defense of Japan.

According to the Agency, the command of us Navy informed the Ministry of defense of Japan about the transfer of the latest assault landing ship America to the naval base «Sasebo», which is located on the island of Kyushu.

Universal landing ship America has the characteristics of a light aircraft carrier. It is capable of carrying multifunctional f-35B fifth-generation fighter-bombers, as well as mV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft and MH-53 Super Stallion transport and landing helicopters. In addition, on Board the ship America can accommodate a contingent of Marines numbering up to 1.7 thousand people. The displacement of the ship is 44 thousand tons, and the length is more than 250 meters.

The publication notes that the placement of the ship America at the naval base «Sasebo» will allow «to strengthen the us grouping in the waters of the Far East, as well as to increase military pressure on China.»

It is worth noting that the Seventh fleet of the US Navy is based in Japan, the area of responsibility of which includes the Western Pacific ocean and the Eastern Indian ocean. At the disposal of the fleet are about 70 ships of various types, as well as about 300 aircraft. The seventh fleet acts as an advanced component of the Pacific command of the US Navy.

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